Your Symptoms are Your Body's Intelligent Way of Communicating with You

May 26, 2021

Hey mama - are you feeling stuck?

Like you're stuck in a box with a label of a disease, disorder or syndrome?

-Is this label something you've been identifying with?
-Is it something you've been using as a crutch?
-Or maybe you're dedicated to fixing it and thus, fixing you?


And how does that make you feel?

That’s up, let it out
you're safe to feel those feelings in your body now
you're safe to express
Let that shit flow

For too long, you've been taking on so much responsibility, so much pressure & so much of it on your own

I'm giving you permission to FEEL the weight of that now.

This whole 'label' thing that you've been carrying around. how is that serving you?

Do you feel more or less empowered?
Do you have more or less belief in yourself?

To me, dis-ease is simply a body that has been working OVERTIME to maintain health, but because there's something missing or that needs to be removed, it can't quite keep up anymore


Your irregular periods, constipation, acne, puffy under eye circles, anxiety are NOT your body rebelling against you
They are BEAUTIFUL signs from your body's innate wisdom

When I work with my clients, I listen to their body-talk:

-how well they sleep?
-are they fulfilled in their career?
-living their life purpose?
-able to express their truth fully?

These signs show up in the most obvious places: the physical realm

But also in more subtle ways: the emotional, mental and spiritual realms

Suppressing these signs is putting a lid on a boiling pot. It's the greatest crime against self-love

By reducing our symptoms to acts of body rebellion, we effectively disconnect from our bodies, disconnect from the Universe, disconnect from Conscious intelligence

So if your diagnosis isn't serving you?
If the harsh self-judgement isn't making a difference?

If not, I invite you to think about your symptoms in a different light
Think of them as invitations to awaken to the next level of YOU
An opportunity to grow, transform, and become the highest version of YOU

I believe in you, mama
With all my heart 💜