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1. Show you the importance of getting to the root cause before trying to get pregnant.

2. Get clear on your root of why you're not getting pregnant and the steps to take to heal it.

3. Show you what areas to focus on in your fertility journey to improve your chances of conceiving.

4. If a right fit, an invite into Holistic Fertility Method

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Meet Your Coach

Hi my name is Stesha - I'm your Holistic Health Coach! I actually traded a career in chemical engineering to help women in theirs 20s to 40s identify and heal their hormonal imbalances and fertility challenges so they can purpose their best self and start the family of their dreams.

My unique perspective comes from my own personal experience of adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, PCOS, miscarriages and fertility challenges alongside my scientific and professional background as a Board Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner.

My own journey to better my health has evolved into a passionate coaching career specializing in women's health, hormones and fertility and I can't wait to share it with YOU!


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering; B.S. Biological Engineering (2014)
  • PN Certified Nutrition Coach (2015)
  • CF-L1 CrossFit Trainer (2016)
  • CSCS Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (2016)
  • CISSN Certified Sports Nutritionist from ISSN (2018)
  • IWHI Hormones and Fertility Specialist (2018)
  • Mind-Body Practitioner (2019)
  • B.S. Holistic Health Science (2019)
  • Board Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner by AADP (2020)
  • Doctorate & PhD Natural Medicine (expected 2021)
  • Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine by ANMCB (expected 2021)

Elisa Vichi

I was lost both physically and emotionally. I was mad, upset and confused as to why my body couldn't get pregnant despite everything checking out as 'normal.' It wasn't until I spoke with Stesha that I realized just how much my negative mindset was keeping me from truly changing my health and ability to get pregnant. After committing to the course for 90 days, I am so much more in control of my emotions and mindset. I have learned to add certain things to my diet and what workouts truly benefit me and my fertility. We are happy to announce that we are pregnant and so thankful for Stesha and her guidance through one of the hardest times of life!

Kallie Kelder

I was exhausted and frustrated. I didn't realize just how badly I had been neglecting myself in my mind and that it was keeping me from becoming pregnant. I was hesitant to invest in this program during a pandemic , but realized that we couldn't see a doctor at this time anyway and I wanted to figure this out before spending our entire life savings on fertility treatments. After just a month of working with Stesha, I learned how to prioritize my self care, rest when I needed to and relax and enjoy the process. I believe this was a big reason why we got pregnant shortly after that! I'm so grateful!

Diane Marie

I've been battling Endometriosis for 10 years and the only solution from my doctor was to be put on birth control to relieve the symptoms and pain. When we decided we wanted to get pregnant, I came off BC and all my devastating symptoms returned. After miscarrying at 9 weeks, I was devastated and knew I needed help, I needed answers. I saw a fertility specialist, they suggested IUI right away without ever checking my blood or anything. It wasn't until the treatments failed that I sought out a holistic approach - FINALLY I got the support, compassion and understanding of the root causes to my endometriosis so that I can heal my hormones and get pregnant naturally!