Join the Embodied Womb Awakening Certification

Experiential Quantum + Somatic Womb Alchemy Practitioner Training & Certification

Sept 13 2023


For the woman who hears the whisper of her Womb and the call back to her Medicine Woman Archetype.


For the woman coach, healer, practitioner ready to take her clients into a deeper level healing + transformation.


For the woman who desires to be KNOWN for her work and create the legacy she's meant to leave...

You are here because you are meant to lead the collective feminine awakening at this time here on Earth.

Join me & fellow thought-leaders and visionaries in a powerful and life-changing Professional Training for coaches, healers & practitioners.

You will become deeply embodied in womb awakening, quantum energetics and feminine energy integration.

You will master Womb Healing and Quantum Energetics as empowerment modalities that supports your clients to take the most fundamental journey back to their feminine power and activate healing life force energy for profound results.

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Quantum Energetics

Womb Healing

Feminine Embodiment

Why Energetics? Why Now?

You are an energy being. The health of your mental, emotional and physical bodies originate in your ENERGY body.  We specialize in bridging that gap between the physical and energy body, to transcend symptoms, go beyond the 'story' of the mind, and uncover the REAL root cause that lives within the energy field.

It's never been about fixing or treating, but about Reclaiming and Awakening your self-healing, vital life force energy.

Your purpose here is to awaken into this TRUTH that you're a powerful creator of your health and life. And as a health professional in your space, you are meant to LEAD this awakening within others, too.

People, women especially, are waking up, searching for more than just a medication, surgery or protocol to fix their symptoms. There's a deeper knowing that is pulling them back home, inward, to their innate feminine power and vitality. And they're already looking for the right kind of coach, healer, and practitioner that can lead them there. 

Becoming your Self is the greatest form of leadership. You must be embodied in the awakening that you're leading your clients through. And it starts here.


Learn the language of the body

The human body is a highly intelligent system that speaks in the language of ENERGY. This is your first language, your Source Code. And your ability to dialogue with this energy is at the heart of successful energy medicine. It is imperative to regain your ability to read the subtle messages from your body, spirit and mind and to respond in their idiom.

Beyond simply reading the messages of your body, you will also become highly skilled at locating energetic distortions that may be causing physical symptoms or even dis-ease. These energetic distortions are stored in the energy field and block the normal flow of vital life force energy, which, if left ignored, result in downstream illness within the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

The Embodied Awakening Methodology teaches you not only how to understand the language of the body, but to go beneath the symptoms of the body and the story of the mind to communicate and thus heal the REAL root at the energy level.

As a result, the energy field is restored and vitality is achieved instantaneously.


Alchemize trauma within the womb

Womb Awakening is a Quantum + Somatic healing modality to connect, heal and open the deepest feminine energy center to restore sacred sexual and creative energy and reclaim personal power. 

+ Most women are completely disconnected from and deeply wounded in their womb space - leading to low self worth, damaging relationship patterns, people pleasing, suppressed self expression, codependency, anxiety / depression, and reproductive diseases. Womb awakening brings women back to their connection to the most divine expression of their Feminine self.

Womb Awakening is not another healing modality that keeps you on a perpetual hamster wheel of shadow work and healing, but a journey of Awakening and Becoming your True Self and reclaiming your potent Essence. It's a practice that works at the most fundamental level of creativity and manifests radical change within every area of your life.

Within the Embodied Awakening Certification you will become a master in facilitating healing through multiple layers of the womb, including: physical layer (womb health, menstrual cycle, fertility, birth); the emotional layer (emotional and somatic release of suppressed trauma), ancestral layer (clearing mother wound and wounded masculine imprints), energetic layer (soul retrieval, boundary healing, energy entanglement, codependency), and restoring the fractured feminine and activating pure create source energy (black light and source code).

"When you connect with and awaken the wisdom deep within your womb, you access the truest, most pure Essence of who you are and what you are meant to create"

- Stesha Reukauf

The Trifecta of empowered healing

Within Embodied Awakening, you will master the 3 energy healing modalities to awaken you and your clients into fully integrated feminine power and vitality.


+ QUANTUM ENERGY HEALING + ACTIVATION - modality to process and heal deeply rooted trauma imprints from personal, generational and collective roots; and restore the flow of vital life force energy.

+ WOMB HEALING + AWAKENING - modality to connect, heal and open the deepest feminine energy center to restore sacred sexual and creative energy and reclaim personal power.

+ FEMININE ENERGY INTEGRATION + EMBODIMENTmodality to alchemize wounding of distorted feminine and masculine energy to restore personal vitality, boundaries and healthy relationships.

Bridge the gap between the 3D-5D

Embodied Awakening is unique in that it bridges the gap between the known, physical 3D understanding of the body and the mysterious, intangible 5D energy body. In this certification you will understand how to integrate both understandings and communicate clearly and confidently to your clients.

Your clients will likely come to you for physical, mental, and emotional symptoms (ie. endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, painful periods, autoimmune conditions, fatigue, depression, anxiety, emotional instability, etc). It will be up to you to educate them on WHY these symptoms are surfacing and HOW to radically self-heal vs. band-aid symptoms.

To successfully guide your clients through a self-healing protocol, you will need a reliable way to uncover the REAL root cause by reverse engineering the physical symptoms of the body, the story of the mind, and where it 'lives' in the energy field so you can efficiently communicate to your client the roadmap to empowered healing.

Embodied Awakening gives you the tools for an in-depth intake and initial evaluation process that will leave your clients absolutely blown away with answers and connections she's been searching for.

"The Embodied Awakening Methodology masterfully bridges the gap between functional medicine and energy healing that revolutionizes the women's health space forever"

Become a Powerful Facilitator + Leader

You will receive everything you need to confidently lead clients through their own healing journey both in-person and virtually. Whether you desire to work 1:1 with clients, create courses, facilitate small in-person women's circles or host large retreats - you'll be fully equipped to lead, hold sacred boundaries and facilitate deep and profound transformation.

+ 6 month intensive program
+ 200 hrs training
+ facilitation practice
+ Full Level 1 + 2 Certification


This Certification Symbolizes… 

You will walk away with an esteemed certification that symbolizes your mastery of potent energy healing modalities (including womb awakening, quantum meditation, and embodiment coaching), along with your devotion towards leading a new paradigm, an enlightened new way of understanding life. Embodied in the wisdom of the Medicine woman archetype, here to create deep transformation  for yourself and others. 

To Be Embodied You Must Experience your Awakening

What will set you a part as a powerful practitioner in the competitive space of women's health is your MASTERY of the work. Mastery is a byproduct of lived experience and deep contemplation to then become embodied in the frequency of feminine power and awakening.

The Embodied Awakening Certification is a unique, 6 month intensive program that guides you on 2 parallel paths, designed to be a:


+ powerful self-healing and embodiment experience for you

that will strip away the layers that have confined you in fear and self doubt as a woman and practitioner, so that you can step deeper into joy, fulfillment and powerful LEADERSHIP.


+ practitioner and facilitation training  program to expand your career

that will give you the knowledge, skills and leadership to guide women through THE most important journey of their lives - back home to their feminine sovereignty, vitality and power.


This world needs women in their feminine, intuitive, emotional, creative and VISIONARY power and YOU are about to take the most courageous leap to reclaim yours and your clients.

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**Extended Payment Plans available upon request**

BONUS: Awakened Womb Self-Healing  Course

Upon payment, you'll receive immediate access to this iconic online self-paced womb healing journey to..

  • Access + awaken your womb energy, your source of feminine power + gifts
  • Activate your feminine power centers of intuition, emotional mastery and creativity
  • Heal past womb trauma from miscarriages, terminations and medical procedures
  • Release toxic relationship patterns of codependency and people pleasing
  • Clear ancestral feminine trauma keeping you stuck in unworthiness
  • Dissolve wounded masculine imprints and cultivate clear, healthy boundaries across work, life and relationships
  • Heal reproductive symptoms such as Endometriosis, PCOS, infertility and POF with the Potent Energy Healing Vault
  • Become deeply grounded and embodied in your feminine and masculine energies
  • Step into the powerful, creative and expressive woman you long to be!
($2222 Value) >> FREE

The Curriculum at a Glance

In this comprehensive certification program, I share my unique approach called the 7 Codes to Embodied Awakening. Through this model you’ll not only experience your own awakening into vitality, but also learn how to elicit your clients self healing journey – and to create a truly effective personalized plan that gets to the REAL root of her dis-ease or symptom.


For Each Modality You Will


In depth, comprehensive breakthrough information that bridges the gap between functional medicine and the new paradigm of energy healing.


Bridge the gap between just learning the concepts and actually cultivating your intuition and energy healing abilities that will set you apart from most practitioners.


Learn the art of virtual facilitation, leading clients through their awakening journey and empowering them as their own energy healers that will leave them raving.


Become the living, breathing embodiment of your work, stand out as a world-class practitioner, and join the collective awakening amongst thought leaders in the industry.

Be Immersed in an Experiential Container

We have designed this certification as a dynamic and adaptable learning experience, fostering a sense of intimacy and accountability.

Weekly Training Modules

1-2 hours / week

These will be value-packed yet juicy video lessons by. We’ll release a module every month, so you can practice while integrating the wisdom. Every module contains several easy-to-understand video lessons, PDF workbooks, facilitation  guides + scripts, and an immense library of client + business resources

Practice Facilitation Pods

1-2 hours / month

You’ll hit the ground running with monthly facilitation practice calls. You’ll be in Zoom breakout groups, improve your coaching skills, ask your most pressing questions, and receive detailed feedback from Stesha. We highly encourage you to practice coaching and facilitation with your clients as soon as you complete each Level to gain extra experience, mastery, and confidence. 

Live Group Coaching Calls

1-2 hours / month

Multiple opportunities to get your questions answered live with Stesha Reukauf to dive deeper into each week’s module. If you can’t make it live to the calls, we encourage you to watch all the replays.

Mastermind + 1:1 Support

Invest as much time as you desire

You'll be welcomed to our virtual community and intimate Telegram mastermind chat where you will be support by Stesha and your fellow peers in your journey toward embodiment. Our community is the highlight of the certification and helps drive your passion forward!

Energy Healing + Business Toolbox

Invest as much time as you desire

You'll be  highly resourced with your own personal healing toolbox (including higher self activation, alchemizing fear, and awakening your purpose meditations), along with abundant business resources to support you in your pursuit of creating a stand-out coaching business (including offer creation, marketing, messaging, etc.)

Meet Stesha Reukauf

As a Women's health & Fertility Practitioner, CEO and Feminine Energy Healer, I'm committed to guiding women back to their truth as powerful creators of their health and life.

In the last 5 years, I've:

  • Helped hundreds of women tap into their own ability to reverse their 'incurable' autoimmune, endocrine, and fertility diagnoses through the potent combination of Functional Nutrition and Energy Healing modalities
  • Certified and Mentored under the top women's health experts and institutions including Integrative Women's Health Institute, Certified Womb Awakening Facilitator, Functional Nutrition Practitioner Training, and Integrative Women's Health Medicine Mentorship with Dr. Aviva Romm
  • Conducting research for the effectiveness of quantum medicine in the treatment of infertility through the doctorate program at Quantum University
  • Board Certified AADP, PHD candidate of Natural Medicine with a Bachelor's & Masters in Holistic Health Sciences, as well as, a Bachelor's in Bio and Chemical Engineering
  • Been featured in publications such as Medium and Thrive Global as well as top Fertility Podcasts such as Health Babes, The Wholesome Lotus, Fertility Life Coach, and the Love & Loss Podcast.
  • CEO of a multi-6 figure fertility coaching business and feminine business mentorship business. And founded a revolutionary Womb Awakening Certification program for women coaches, healers and practitioners.

I continue to invest time, energy and financial resources into my own growth and leadership to enable me to provide you the best available coaching and mentorship.

Who Benefits from this Certification?


The sky is truly the limit in how you can leverage this certification.

Checkout the diversity of professions who are already enrolled for the next cohort and how you can utilize the modalities within your current or aspiring practice!


Women's Health Coaches

Fertility Coaches



Functional Nutrition Practitioners

Yoga Teachers

Fitness Instructors

Doulas, Midwives, Birth Educators

Women's Health + Fertility Coaches

Go beyond treating the symptom, or by healing the gut with insane nutritional and supplemental protocols... And actually get to the REAL root cause of NS dysregulation, blocked emotions, and masculine wounding held in the womb.

An epidemic of women's health, gynecological and obstetric illnesses are on the rise. Women are the canaries in the coal mine, the energetically sensitive creatures, whose body's are telling the TRUTH.

Symptoms and illnesses are surfacing at a rate faster than ever bc the feminine is awakening to their truth. Truth that they are not tiny men, that they've been living a lie, behind a mask, hiding their true nature.

Your role as a woman's health and fertility coach goes so much deeper than dishing out a nutrition plan to 'manage PCOS.' You are bringing women back home to their body's, to their innate creative power, showing them how to fully express themselves in their deepest feminine essence. 

Not only must you embody the feminine awakening, you must lead your clients through this awakening, too. Womb Healing is the modality that allows you to bridge this gap.

Therapists + Mindset Coaches

Go beyond the goal of 'bringing awareness' to past / current patterns of thinking. Actually bring your clients through a deep alchemical journey of inner child healing, emotional processing, and feminine embodiment.

Women are coming to you because of the emotional and mental symptoms they are experiencing... a hard breakup they can't get over leaving them insecure, codependent relationships with family members leaving them drained and resentful, marital issues leaving them in constant worry and fear, etc. etc. etc.

These are SYMPTOMS of a deeper wound and imbalance. One that cannot be solved with talk therapy, journaling or mindfulness tools. But only healed when the REAL root cause is addressed - the personal, ancestral, and collective masculine and feminine trauma held within the womb.

Incorporating womb awakening sessions that teach the client to drop into the body, alchemize trapped emotions and process traumas is how women truly free themselves of these mental and emotional patterns.

Yoga + Meditation Teachers

Go beyond the goal of 'mindfulness' and plunge your students into the experience of embodiment. Give them an experience and take them deeper than anyone else.

As a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, etc, you're already working intimately with the body. But you can go so much deeper.

Instead of running your clients through a predetermined flow, connect with and lead from your intuition - this makes the experience so much more alive and impactful. Encourage your clients on how to intuitively move their energy out through their body. THIS is power.

End the session with a pranayama breath practice and womb awakening journey that leaves your clients / students in AWE of the expansive experience that actually transformed from the deepest level.

Fitness Instructors + Personal Trainers

Go beyond the goal of just getting your clients a good, sweaty workout. Teach them the potency of inner feminine worthiness, strength and power.

As a fitness instructor, the majority of your clients are coming to you with 1 of 2 goals... 1. to lose weight and 2. to get better / stronger / faster.

Truth is, these women have likely been on a rollercoaster of commitment / determination / restriction / burnout for years. 

Are you going to be the one who 'gets them their goal'? Or are you going to be the one who breaks them out of the illusion that their beauty, worth, strength is outside of themselves?

Beginning and ending your workout sessions with intention-setting, breathwork, and embodiment practices will empower your clients to let go of their old stories, let go of the 'weight loss' rollercoaster, find their power from within, and actually get the results they desire.

Doulas, Midwives + Birth Educators

If there is one profession that can utilize and leverage Womb Awakening and Feminine Embodiment to the greatest degree, it's YOU!

As a practitioner who is guiding women through one of the most transformative power portals of her life, you're not just here to support, encourage, and guide... You are here to awaken something so much deeper with her... Her Feminine Creative Power

Women are turning towards natural home births more and more bc they are distrustful of the patriarchal Western Medicine establishment. But what can happen is they bring the wounds of the masculine unchecked into their birth and motherhood.

Womb Awakening is one of the most important modalities to cleanup the distrust of the masculine, and to alchemize the fear of birth that allows them to deepen into their body during labor, embrace the feminine cycle of life-death, and awaken into her power, no longer leaking energy of needing to prove, protect or fight. She is able to Let go, Open, Receive and Rebirth into the Conscious mother she desires to be.

Become an Affiliate

If you are coach, healer, therapist or practitioner that has an existing social media presence, we would be honored to join efforts to bring the new concepts of the Embodied Awakening Certification to your audience.

In exchange for an IG Live / podcast interview hosted on your platform, we will grant you $1000 off enrollment into the Certification along with your own unique affiliate code to promote the Certification to your audience and get paid!

Email [email protected] to become an affiliate today.

Megan Blust

Megan is a Quantum Healer & Womb Priestess dedicated to helping women remember their power and live the life of their dreams. Healing through the Akashic Records and Light Language, Megan helps her clients awaken to their magic within and remember their own divinity within the sacred feminine.



Katie Williams

Katie Williams is a Womb Manifestation and Spiritual Fertility expert who guides women into reclaiming sovereignty over their bodies through harnessing the supernatural essence of their feminine energy and fertility. Katie's mission is for women to experience the power of the Universe within them through utilizing the potency of their feminine biology, whether conceiving human life or the 3D existence of their desires. 



Minerva Maharajh

Minerva Maharajh is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, ICF-accredited PCC Coach, Energy & Wealth Expander, and Founder & Director of Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching, and Starseed Academy Coach Training.

Her mission is to help powerful women build more wealth, rest + freedom into their businesses and lives by doing less and being more. She has worked with clients all over the world to transform their business, money, and lives through her transformational private, group, and mastermind programs as well as her signature Eat Meditate Love Retreat. Learn more about Minerva and start building an expansive and exciting business and life by subscribing to her popular podcast, Words of Wisdom



RaShonda Morin

RaShonda Morin is the founder of Ways To Ground located in Billings, Montana. The 3 arms of her busines are, intuitive guiding, birth coaching and massage therapy. Her women centered business supports women through all life stages.



Sabrina Gravity Rose

Sabrina is a feminine energy guide, embodied branding mentor, poetess and pole dancer passionate about helping women decondition + exit the trappings of the system. She helps conscious fempreneurs reclaim their wild feminine, unleash their sensual expression and show up online authentically to share their soul mission and become the liberated new earth feminine leaders they were born to be.




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