Womb Awakening is...

embodied awakening certification Jun 07, 2023

Our entire society is built around feminine disempowerment.

Women are taught to distrust their bodies, ignore their intuition, numb their emotions, suppress their desires and disconnect with their creativity.

Is it any wonder that

-78% of all automimmune disease sufferers are women - Hashimotos being the most prevelant

-49% have major sleep problems and take medication

-1 in 4 experience major depression and on an antidepressant

-1 in 6 struggle with fertility

-10% experience reproductive issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, etc.

-that the top 5 surgeries in the US are done for women’s gynecological and obstetric problems

The women’s health industry as we know it is breaking down and crumbling.

It’s simply not sustainable.

As a women’s health coach, healer, practitioner, you KNOW a change is coming, a breakthrough back to vitality.

But this breakthrough will happen with modalities such as functional medicine or holistic nutrition, alone.

There must be a reclamation of feminine power - an opening up to innate healing wisdom.

Womb awakening is the most effective modalities to heal and bring wholeness back to women’s deepest feminine center.

Where she can reclaim her wholeness, her intuition, her creativity, her VITALITY and self sourced power.

The feminine awakening is coming, will you be prepared as a leader?

You desire to be KNOWN for your work and create the legacy you're meant to leave...

You are here because you are meant to lead the collective feminine awakening at this time here on Earth.

Join me & fellow thought-leaders and visionaries in a powerful and life-changing Professional Training for coaches, healers & practitioners.

You will become deeply embodied in womb awakening, quantum energetics and feminine energy integration.

You will master Womb Healing as an empowerment modality that supports your clients to take the most fundamental journey back to their feminine power and activate healing life force energy for profound results.

On special pre-presale pricing until June 30th.

Class officially begins Sept 2023.