How Stress Leads to Poor Digestion (& how to Immediately Eliminate Bloat)

May 31, 2021
✔ disrupts microbiome ecology => sets you up for SIBO, candida, prone to parasite infections
✔ decreases secretory IgA => which leads to less protection of your mucosal linings from infection and sets you up for chronic colds and illness
✔ decreases intestinal blood flow, low stomach acid, low digestive enzymes & lack of peristalsis => causes food to linger in digestive tract longer, leading to fermentation and putrification of food, causing excess gas, brain fog (due to toxic metabolites), skin issues, etc
✔ intestinal hyper-permeability => IBD, autoimmune disorders, skin issues, headaches, food sensitivities
HOW TO IMMEDIATELY REDUCE DIGESTIVE BLOAT (& increase nutrient absorption, energy, and wellbeing)
👉 drink a glass of water in the morning right when you wake up with 1/4 lemon juiced with dash of pink Himalayan sea salt (alkalizes the body and prepares for proper digestion)
👉 Cook your food, smell the smells, sit down to eat, no distractions (phone, driving, laptop, TV)
👉 Chew 20 times per bite (activates saliva, stomach acid, digestive enzymes, bile & peristalsis so that you don't get the excess gas and bloat)
👉 sip apple cider vinegar (ACV) 5 minutes before your largest meal (typically lunch of dinner) to help prep stomach acid (low pH stomach acid increases digestion efficacy and neutralizes food-borne pathogens, also protects you from SIBO and other gut infections)
👉 consider a digestive enzyme with each meal for 30 days (helps to increase nutrient absorption and temporarily take the load off the digestive system while you work to reduce your stress load.
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