Eliminating Food Sensitivities Won’t Heal Your Gut

May 26, 2021

”My food sensitivity test said I have mild reactions to dairy, gluten, eggs. I’ve cut them out, but haven’t noticed much of a difference”

I hear some variation of this with almost every client who has worked on their gut health in the past

And I feel for them, because I too thought food sensitivities were at the root of my chronic bloating, cramping & random poop schedule

But after FINALLY healing the REAL root of my gut issue (helping hundreds of women do the same), there’s one thing that is absolutely crucial to understand when healing your gut…

it’s not the FOOD that’s causing the sensitivity

let me explain👇🏼

Yes, your immune system may be reacting to the foods you’re eating…

But it’s not the food that is at fault, it’s what’s hitching a ride in / on your food that’s the issue

Food sensitivities occur when the tight gap junctions between our enterocytes become hyperpermeable (leaky gut) as a result to exposure to toxins like:

✔️ artificial sweeteners
✔️ pesticides, herbicides
✔️ preservatives, food dyes
✔️ plastics, phthalates

all tossed back with a few medications, NSAIDs, alcohol, lack of sleep, dozens of rounds of antibiotics & modern day stress...

& now we have a recipe for gas, bloating, cramps, constipation, diarrhea, brain fog, joint pain, skin rashes, migraines, asthma, autoimmune conditions & food sensitivities

So can removing the food on your food sensitivity test really help heal your gut?

Maybe in the short term

but without addressing the real root of your digestive issues, the type of long-term, sustainable healing likely won’t take place

In fact, removing foods from your diet can actually lead to even MORE nutrient deficiencies, low stomach acid, insufficient digestive enzymes & microbiome dysbiosis...

Ultimately setting you up with more digestive & chronic health issues

if you feel like you’re depriving your body (& happiness) just to try to heal it, you’re not alone

there’s a better way & we teach it inside of BOTH our programs for fertility & hormone healing

If this sounds like you & you’re interested, shoot me a DM & we will chat to see if you are a good fit 💞