Common Workout Mistakes that are Backfiring

May 13, 2021

Can we talk about working out??

And why you’re doing all that cardio, but have nothing by to show for it? 🤔

I see you over there mama. Hustlin' on the elliptical, trying to get a few more minutes of cardio in before that 60 min Spin class

And yet - no matter how many hours you wrack up on the cardio machines, you are NOT seeing the results you were promised int he mirror.

Where's the toned arms?
Firm booty?
And flat tummy?

Instead you feel soft, fluffy, and frustrated because you bust your ass!

I see you because I was you

I'd crush a HIIT class at noon
body pump after work
sneak in some elliptical time if I ate a treat that day

I cringe at the thought of the misery...but I'm here to help you NOT make these same mistakes & instead ACTUALLY DO THE THINGS THAT GIVE YOU THE RESULTS YOU ARE YEARNING FOR!

1. CALORIES IN DOES NOT EQUAL CALORIES OUT. You can't just burn off that 300 calorie snickers bar by hopping on the elliptical until it reads '300 calories burned'. The body is a tad more complex than that. Instead of seeing food as only calories, see it as INFORMATION for your cells. 300 cal Snickers bar does not have the same effect as 300 cal of organic chicken, Brussels sprouts, and olive oil

2. TOO MUCH CARDIO. If you're doing cardio EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. like running, biking, spinning for 60 min steady state, then listen up! Your body doesn't need that much to change shape & burnt fat. More is NOT better! Slowly ease off each week until you read about 2-3 days of steady state cardio - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised

3. YOU NEED A REST DAY. I know, I know - you're afraid of missing out on the workout, scared that Becky is going to judge you for not being there, & fear you're going to gain all the weight back if you miss one day! This simply is not true, in fact NOT taking a rest day will lead to more illness (days missed from the gym), lack of recovery, higher stress / cortisol, unruly periods & WEIGHT GAIN. We recommend at least 2 rest days per week plus daily walks.

what's your biggest questions about the gym? Have questions about how much you should exercise?

Lay it on me mama!