How to Drastically Improve Egg Quality with Nutrition

Jun 21, 2021

Sometimes I find it funny that we forget how powerful food is for our health, hormones and fertility.

As if western medicine and prescription drugs have some how 'beat' the intelligence of nature.

And I get it, I was once there, too.

It might be hard to believe, but there was a time when I scoffed at the idea that herbs and food made any kind of difference to my health, hormones or fertility.

"If food was so powerful, wouldn't it have helped me by now?"

This was the victim-mindset I had 3 years ago which completely negated the fact that I wasn't taking any responsibility for my food choices.

I thought that just because I micromanaged, tracked and dieted for the last 2 decades, that THAT's what made me a 'healthy eater.'

Little did I know, the food choices I was making were NOT conducive to optimal health and fertility.

And as soon as I let go of the victim-mentality and blame-game, I was able to make changes in my nutrition that led to HUGE results.

Far greater than any prescription could ever make.

Because it's not jut about WHAT you eat, it's HOW you eat it as well.

The INTENTION behind your food, sometimes counts even more than the actual food itself.

A happy doughnut may be better than a sad salad.

Now I'm not proposing we eat doughnuts to optimize our health and fertility ;)

What I am saying, is that if you are someone (like me 3 years ago), who punishes themselves with clean, strict diets, and think they SHOULD be getting pregnant because they're so perfect with their diet, than this interview is for you!

I talk with Aimee Raupp, a fertility acupuncturist and TCM specialist, who just released her new book The Egg Wuality Diet.

We talk all things nutrition and go DEEP into why you're not seeing the improvement in fertility like you expected, despite putting so much work into cleaning up your diet.

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xoxo, Stesha