You Don't Need to Balance Your Hormones

Jun 21, 2021

When a woman is asking for help to figure out what’s keeping her from getting pregnant, I always ask this question:

“What is the #1 obstacle keeping you from conceiving?”

And 9 out 10 times she’ll say:

“I just need to balance my hormones.”

These are high-achieving, go-getter women we're talking about - so naturally they’ve already tried to do something about it...

Typically they’ll try to spot-treat the hormone imbalance with supplements for 3, 4, maybe even 6 months.

=> Vitex for progesterone 🌿
=> Calcium-d-glucarate for estrogen 💃
=> Saw Palmetto for androgens 👨

In fact these are the very herbs and nutrients I suggest to my clients, but here's what happens...

After months of religiously taking these supplements, they go back to the doctor to get their hormones tested and...

Wamp wamp...

NOTHING has changed.

The disappointment and defeat is overwhelming. It can leave the best of us screaming in frustration, "What more can I do?"

The feeling of inadequacy is all-consuming and leads us back to the drawing board to try yet ANOTHER tactic and strategy found on the internet.

But here's the TRUTH...

It's not about the BALANCE... It's about the STABILITY 🏚

And THAT is what you need to be focusing on.

See, you're jumping the gun and spot-treating the SYMPTOM - this illusive solution isn't going to give you the TRUE balance in your hormones that is required to get pregnant and STAY pregnant.

You have to get to the ROOT as to why they are imbalanced in the first place.

And when you address the root and create a targeted protocol that FILLS THE GAP, that's when you witness real-time results...

(I'm talking 28 day cycle, predictable fertile window, and 14 day luteal phase within the first 30 days of implementing this technique - all without doing MORE) 📅

These are the ingredients that create the perfect recipe for conception.

And it's EXACTLY what I teach my clients to do in my 4 month Holistic Fertility coaching program!

If you have been ttc for 1 to 3 years and want to conceive naturally without stressing and doing more, DM me and I can walk you through the P.L.U.S Method to help you uncover the gaps keeping you from conceiving 🥰