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This container is the end all be all of womb healing, clearing and feminine embodiment. You'll heal multidimensional layers of womb trauma from physical to spiritual, personal to ancestral. You'll be supported in a powerful sisterhood to collectively transcend scarcity & lack into abundance as your birth right.

Throughout this high speed, high frequency 8week container, you'll experience profound and miraculous shifts in your consciousness, your womb health, your fertility, emotions, mindset and embodiment as a woman. Come play to learn how to access the TRUE power and divinity of your own womb, to rebirth and reclaim your desire to become a mother.


I know you’ve been desperately trying to find the missing piece. 

You've worked harder than anyone to make your dream of having a baby come true.

But here’s the issue:

The constant obsession is keeping you MAJORLY stressed & stuck in survival mode.

You're struggling: no matter what you do it doesn't make a difference & you're doubting if you're even worthy of becoming a mother.

I know how devastating it is to feel like you've 'failed' at the ONE thing your body was designed to do.

It feels like the Universe is somehow punishing you. That you're not good enough yet to have a baby.

But, I promise you, it does NOT have to be this hard to get pregnant, nor do you have to settle for this experience


Your fertility is being blocked by limiting beliefs and past traumas

Right now, you're holding onto the belief that "I'm not enough yet". So you show up in 'scarcity-lack' energy, not believing anything is working, sending the message to your body that something must be wrong.

Your reality then confirming your beliefs over and over.

If you want to finally conceive your baby, you need a complete shift in mindset & energy.


And the most potent way to make these shifts is to work directly with the womb space.

Imagine what it would feel like to...

 Be the woman who is tapped into her intuition and embodied in trust and surrender. She moves with life, in the flow, making it look impossibly easy.


The woman free of pressure, overthinking, self doubt and the overwhelm of unprocessed fears. She moves with purpose and certainty.


The woman who has total peace & trust in her body. Tuning into every sign, knowing how to respond to it's needs in real-time - no more fighting, no more obsessing.


The woman who can step back without freaking out because her self worth is not wrapped up in the doing, the perfection, the being everything to everyone.


The woman who's life is centered around her deep satisfaction of the present moment, her energy, her magnetism, spilling over in abundance.


The woman who has a deep, intimate connection with her partner, who is completely supported & feels secure and protected as she transition into the unknown of motherhood.


The woman who says no, who is so deeply in touch with where she's going and what is or is not in alignment.


The woman who had the courage to resolve her past fears and has closure over her losses, who is free to be excited & hopeful of becoming a mother.


The woman who is unattached and confident in her success is inevitable because she lives and breathes her next-level NOW.


The woman who decided her fertility journey gets to be as easeful and simple as the air she breathes. There's zero tolerance for obsession, neediness and overthinking mind drama.


The woman you sees that bump in the mirror, grateful after all she's been through, knowing that this time it's for real.


The woman who is grounded & confident in her pregnancy, empowered in her decision making - when she speaks, she is heard.


The woman who completely trusts in the Universe, no more reacting to triggers, no more helplessness, she's reclaimed her power.




But you can't tap into that level of fertility and fulfillment with the Old Approach...


The old approach of doing fertility - that we've ALL been taught - is based on decades-old, outdated science that does not serve you or your future baby's highest good.

The appointments, the impossible diets, the endless testing and treatments...

And for what?

This old approach keeps you stuck in lack & "not-enough-ness" & you can FEEL it.

The ONLY way to break free from the 'stuck-ness' & move forward towards your baby is by embodying the NEW approach.

The NEW approach focuses on the DEEPER LAYERS of womb healing to activate the codes of fertility.

Shifting the focus to energetically ALIGNING the mind-body-soul to becoming pregnant, not forcing it to GET pregnant.

It’s with this NEW approach that you will break the chains of old, masculine energy & reclaim your fierce feminine power.

It’s with this NEW approach that you will release the chokehold you have on 'making this baby happen' and instead attract & receive your baby with security & ease.

So mama, if you want to breathe NEW life and energy into your fertility journey, I invite you to embody this NEW approach with me and hundreds of other ambitious women who are...

Consciously claiming their feminine creative power & desire of becoming a soul-aligned mother.

What women are saying


I originally joined Awakened Womb because our fertility journey was exhausting me.

I was consistently fearful, anxious, tightly gripping and trying to control absolutely everything in an attempt to finally have a healthy pregnancy. Suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss made me terrified to try again.

While I joined the course to help with this, what I gained was infinitely greater! Stesha poured her wisdom, love, encouragement and empowerment into each of us.

She held my hand through dark moments and taught me how to walk through them on my own. Stesha showed me how to enjoy life again and seek harmony more than just balance.

I learned so much about how to support my body in alchemizing deep emotions, how to ask questions of my body and listen to her answers, and how to mother myself with profound love and acceptance. Because I am now deeply confident that I will become a mother, I am not on a roller coaster every month…

I trust God that I will become a mother when I am supposed to! While I still experience emotions like fear and anxiety, they occur much less frequently and I know how to support my body through them when they arise.

This course impacted every facet of my life and I am so grateful to Stesha for her guidance, support, and love!


Awakened womb mastermind has been a life altering experience that I’m so grateful for.

Stesha compassionately articulates your fertility hardships through her own experience but provides the key component of the reasons behind our hardship.

What a magical experience to not only shift your body towards fertility but to be in energetic alignment for all aspects of your life.

If you’re contemplating moving forward just listen to your intuition that this is an experience beyond any fertility strategy.

It’s beyond wonderful to have Stesha’s valuable guidance and the support of a small group of women to benefit from each other’s experiences and expansion.

This isn’t just a fertility strategy, this is empowering us to be free of all of our fertility blocks and aligning us into a journey of joy and abundance.

Thank you Stesha for gifting us with this beautiful experience. I’m so excited and look forward to the next container!


Awakened Womb

The Revolutionary Way to Activate Your Womb's Fertile Blueprint for an Easeful Conception, Pregnancy & Beyond.

The Awakened Womb is a sacred 8 week coaching mastermind where you will uncover the subconscious layers of wounding in your womb, alchemize and release the limiting beliefs blocking conception, making way for your creative fertile potential to flourish and become pregnant with ease.

This is the fastest way to heal emotional and physical symptoms of infertility and activate your womb space for the conception of your baby.


The energetics of fertility and how to powerfully activate your creative fertile power through the womb awakening process.


Uncover & decondition the limiting beliefs of scarcity & not-enoughness, heal & shed the wounds of unworthiness and let go of the need to prove yourself.


Restore your Sacred Womb space by awakening and healing the tissues, fluids, fallopian tubes, ovaries and egg cells with potent light frequencies.


Reclaim your feminine power of intuitive decision making, emotional alchemy & authentic expression and creative life force energy activation.


Learn to integrate your shadow & dismantle triggers in your relationship and fertility journey to keep you in your magnetism so you can stack up momentum to attract your baby with ease.


Embody your new fertile narrative, letting go of the timeline, trusting in the Universal unfoldment and attuning to your new abundant frequency. Feel what it's like to be deeply embodied in your feminine.

BONUS Toolbox to Guide you in Potent Self-Healing

Fertility Rejuvenation + DNA Activation

Ovulation Light Activation

Implantation Light Activation

Egg Retrieval Primer

Embryo Transfer Primer

Healing Light Frequency for Endometriosis

Healing Light Frequency for PCOS

Receiving Code Activation

Feminine  Power Activation

Divine Masculine Recoding

Inner Child Subconscious Reprogramming

Cervix Dearmoring

Reclaim Sacred Sexuality

Transcend Self Doubt into Unwavering Belief

Alchemize Fear of Worst Case Scenario

Alchemize Fear of Uncertainty

What would it mean for you to end the self doubt & fully embody BELIEF in your body & your Self as a mother?

It's time to step into the Next-Level, Soul-Aligned Mama you're meant to be


It's a NEW, holistic & empowering approach to bringing your baby into creation.

It's made possible with my potent Womb Awakening Process.

This unique healing modality is incredibly simple & elegant, focusing uncovering subconscious trauma locked in the tissues of your womb, releasing and creating space for the fertile blueprint that's already within you - without doing more.


You're Ready for Awakened Womb if...  


  • You are fed up with the western medicine approach to health and fertility and desire a deeper knowing & connection with your body's signs, symptoms and tap into it's inner wisdom to self-heal.
  • You've read the books on mindset, you listen to all the podcasts to keep motivated, you've made some shifts, but you haven't figured out how to embody the changes without it feeling like hard work
  • You're so done with working hard, overthinking & overcompensating in your physical 3D and the frustration that comes when it's STILL not enough. you're ready for it to just be easy.
  • You're sacrificing your happiness, you're putting your life on hold until you get pregnant. You know it's no one way to bring a baby into the world, but you're scared to let go and lose the progress you've made so far.
  • You're ready to release the complexity and let go of the insane control. You desire to dean back in your feminine receiving energy. You want to experience ease and flow.
  • You feel the pull and yes your mind will try to keep you safe, but you're ready to get out of your head, into your body and this is your first step!




Join the women already inside


Thank God I pulled the trigger on investing in Awakened Womb because it has been mind blowing!

My husband and I have been TTC for over 4 years now and I can honestly say that we have tried everything in our fertility journey, most recently we decided to move forward with IVF.

On our first call, I shared that I have a real struggle opening up to friends and family about our fertility journey because I dont want the pity or for people to feel sorry for us (IYKYK). Stesha knew immediately that I struggle with receiving and we all participated in a visualization practice to receive whatever it is that each of us needed and since that call, I have been way more open, yet discerning, about sharing our journey. I haven’t felt this confident in sharing in a couple of years. It feels awesome!

And honestly that’s just the beginning. This program is not only helping me create space to welcome in my babies, but also helping me heal generational trauma, navigate triggers and turn them into activators, showing me who I want to be in this life and how I desire to get there, and so much more!

I would recommend this program 100x over to any and all women. Stesha is a lovely and supportive coach who understands you and what you are going through. I feel really lucky to have met her and this amazing group of women.


During the first year of my fertility journey I tried to control every single aspect of it. I thought that if I did every physical piece of it perfectly, my results would be exactly what I wanted them to be. It didn't go quite as planned, and I was exhausted mentally and emotionally. I felt my life was on hold, and I felt myself spiral down into depression. I knew I had to change my mindset, and start living my life again with joy and pleasure instead of fear and control. I also wanted to understand my past choices and how I had arrived at this point in my life.

Discovering Stesha and her Awakened Womb program was a gift. I was able to dive deep into myself to unlock the much needed answers to my existential questions and reconnect with my true self, clear my emotional blocks and reconcile with my past. This course shifted my mindset and my consciousness into a new direction, aligned with my authentic self and true desires. It renewed my trust in myself, in my body and in my life. I’m so grateful!

Thank you Stesha!


"I'm so done second-guessing myself!

I'm done missing out on so much of life. Done letting fear drive my every decision (or lack there of). I'm so ready to let go of my trauma, heal from the past, and finally get out of my own damn way. 

I know that I'm meant to be a mother!"

But here's the can't keep doing what you've been doing.

Your fertility journey & LIFE will only change when you stop to identify the sabotaging patterns that are running in the background, release the emotional blocks holding you back & 'code-in' the worthiness to attract & receive your baby.

You must step into your feminine creative power, embody worthiness, and trust in yourself to create your baby with ease and flow.


So what are you waiting for?!



  • 8 weeks of Telegram sisterhood support + potent coaching from me to move rapidly through blocks and old patterns

  • 4 hot seat group coaching calls to receive coaching from me on specific emotional blocks held in your womb

  • Immediate & lifetime access to the 6 module content portal that provides the structure and strategy for the potent transformation that is intended

  •  Access to potent meditations, visualizations and breathing techniques to release wounds from the womb, reprogram the subconscious and code in new levels of activating fertility and receiving abundance


The Experience is Unlike Anything Else

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