What is Womb Energetics? 


Women are waking up, searching for more than just a medication, surgery or protocol to fix their symptoms. There's a deeper knowing that is pulling them back home, inward, to their innate feminine power and vitality. And they're already looking for the right kind of coach, healer, and practitioner that can lead them there.

Womb Energetics is a powerful energy healing modality developed by Functional & Integrative Women's Health Practitioner and Womb Healer, Stesha Reukauf. It is a practice that modernizes traditional shamanic womb healing into a practical and tangible healing modality that is accessible to women no matter the phase of life.

Womb Energetics is a unique combination of quantum energetics, shadow work and womb healing for women to connect physically, emotionally and energetically with their body and womb space in order to awaken and reclaim their innate feminine wisdom and creative potential to embody their whole being & achieve optimal wellness.

At the core, we are energy beings. The health of our mental, emotional and physical bodies originate in the energy body and woven together with our ancestry, experiences, stories, personality, and character.

At the root of physical symptoms and deeply rooted dis-ease are energetic distortions blocking the normal flow of vital life force energy. As an Embodied Womb practitioner we are skilled at locating these energetic distortions and intuitively releasing and integrating the flow of energy through the core practices taught inside the program.

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What is the Womb Space?

The biggest misconception about the womb is that it's solely a reproductive organ tied to fertility and conception. In reality, the womb is a profound feminine energy center with multiple layers - including physical, emotional, and spiritual. It serves as a receiver of energies, memories, and ancestral imprints, holding within it our past experiences and lineage. The womb possesses its own consciousness, influencing our sense of self-worth, boundaries, and the quality of our relationships. When we are fully embodied in our womb, we awaken to our feminine power, fostering magnetic connections, abundance, and vitality in our lives.

How the Womb affects your life?

The womb space is our most profound feminine energy center, serving as the Source of our sexual energy, creative essence, and personal power. It's the epicenter of our vitality, influencing our ability to establish and uphold boundaries, cultivate nourishing relationships, and reflects our sense of self-worth.

The Womb governs governs our subconscious, shaping many of our patterns and behaviors. When our womb is wounded, these distorted energies reverberate outward, manifesting in our reality. She carries our core wounds and shadows until we learn the right tools and frameworks to unveil and release them, freeing ourselves from their limitations and witnessing immediate shifts in our reality - including spontaneous healing of physical symptoms, conceiving after years of struggling with infertility or miscarriages, dissolving the grips of depression and anxiety, healing toxic relationships from past partners, and healing childhood memories.

To be fully embodied is your birthright.

As women, it is our birthright to embody the fullness of our being, to embrace wholeness, and to bask in the radiant light of our womb's energy center.

Here, within the depths of our feminine essence, lies the key to unlocking our true power and potential. It is our divine inheritance to transcend fear and trauma, to effortlessly draw forth divine relationships into our lives, and to navigate each day with a profound sense of embodiment and empowerment.

With clear boundaries, self-respect, and reverence for others, we dance through life with passion and purpose, weaving our visions into reality with each graceful step. Rooted in the wisdom of our hearts and deeply connected to the love that flows within and around us, we embody the essence of our true selves, embracing the limitless possibilities that await us.

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How the Womb is wounded

The womb becomes wounded through a myriad of experiences that leave deep imprints on our feminine essence.

Many women operate from a place of profound wounding, trauma, and limitation within the womb, which serves to separate us from our inherent birthright of being fully embodied in our feminine essence and accessing our limitless potential.

This womb wounding is not merely personal; it's ancestral and collective, reverberating through generations. We are all affected by it, whether through patriarchal control of women's bodies, intrusive western medical interventions, the ravages of war, the scourge of sexual abuse and rape, or the oppressive grip of patriarchal religious and spiritual systems.

Additionally, the loss of our own feminine traditions, rights of passage and ancestral knowledge about the womb contributes to this collective wound.

On a personal level, womb trauma manifests in various forms such as miscarriages, terminations, sexual invasion, control, betrayal, shame, comparison, competition, and rejection. These experiences leave deep scars on the soul, shaping our perceptions and behaviors until we confront and heal them, reclaiming the power and wisdom inherent within our womb space.

Womb Trauma is the root of your limitations

When the wounds of the womb remain unresolved, they cast deep imprints upon our energy body, distorting the delicate flow of energy within us. These distortions manifest as physical symptoms, emotional reactions, and patterns in our relationships and behaviors, all stemming from our subconscious attempts to shield us from the vulnerability of these wounds. Often buried deep within the recesses of our subconscious, these wounds persistently mirror themselves in our lives until we summon the courage, tools, and support needed to unveil and heal them. It's essential to have a means of revealing these buried wounds, as they hold the key to unlocking our healing and empowering us to reclaim our wholeness, wisdom, and the sacred gifts of our feminine essence.

Womb Energetics is the modality to clear trauma and awaken into whole and healed feminine energy and radiant power.


Womb Energetics is a unique combination of quantum energetics, shadow work and womb healing for women to connect physically, emotionally and energetically with their body and womb space in order to awaken and reclaim their innate feminine wisdom and creative potential to embody their whole being & achieve optimal wellness.

The Embodied Womb Methodology teaches you not only how to understand the language of the body, but to go beyond the symptoms of the body and the story of the mind to heal the REAL root at the energy level for rapid results and long-term transformation.

It's not about fixing or treating, but about dialoguing with the body to awaken the innate self-healing and vital life force energy. This shift in approach empowers each of us to be our own self healer and awaken into our Soul without overcompensating and searching for the answer outside of ourselves.

Womb Energetics¬†is not something we ‚Äėdo‚Äô to a client, it is an intuitive and co-creative practice that awakens our clients into greater self-awareness, personal power and vitality through conscious feminine embodiment.

You are ready to dedicate yourself to MASTERY, becoming the go-to in your industry, the one signing clients, making an impact and leading the collective awakening as an Embodied Womb Practitioner. 

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Stesha Reukauf

Founder of Womb Energetics, Embodied Womb Certification and Awakened Womb course.

Based in Montana, United States Stesha is a Functional & Integrative Women's Health Practitioner and Womb Healer, with a passion for empowering and awakened women into their cull feminine power and expression through healing sessions, education and mentorship.