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 This is the program to BUILD your Pioneership

The Jaguar is unmatched in her Power and Vision, moving without Fear in the dark, relying solely on her instincts.

Pioneer is the program to embody your inner Jaguar. Where you'll build your internal authority, strengthen emotional intelligence and the CONVICTION that tells the world you're the ONE.

 To become a PIONEER 🐆 you must develop:


💥unshakeable trust + conviction in your internal instincts

💥unwaiverability in decision making, you know exactly when to pounce


💥rock solid emotional intelligence where you're unphased by distraction and pushback

💥ability to hold space and gather observations for ingenious innovation


💥unapologetic in your message and all-seeing vision, detached from needing validation

💥your power is found trailblazing the unknown where your leadership is FELT and respected across the industry

Pioneership is not luck, it is BUILT.

This program is about REVEALING who you KNOW you're here to be and the AUDACITY to make it KNOWN.


... you have an unshakeable vision of how to disrupt your industry and you're ready to be fully convicted as you trailblaze the way

... you know what needs to be said and you're ready to stop diluting your message and unapologetically voice your opinions

... you want to be the person who is audacious enough to tell the TRUTH without looking around for permission and approval

... you know you need to cultivate a rock solid mindset and emotional intelligence to know when others' are projecting and be completely unbothered


 I have had to consistently and intentionally build the parts of myself that were suppressed in order to be the jaguar, the leader, the PIONEER I am today.

I'll be teaching you my exact process.

Welcome to PIONEER

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What you need to know:

We begin January 2024

8 Live trainings + Q/A

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