The Feminine Awakening in Wealth & Business is here!


In this podcast you will be inspired to:

  • Ditch the Old Paradigm of hustle, deprivation & sacrifice in your life, business, and wealth expansion

  • Break all the rules of 'have-to's' & 'should's' within scaling your business and building your brand

  • All while leading a joyful, fulfilling, pleasure-filled life that is the perfect sundae to the LEGACY you're building

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3 Month Business Group Immersion

Behind Your First $20K is the indepth aligned strategy + energetics + identity work *required* to tap into your first $20k month in business and beyond.

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Self-Led Money Energetics Course

Abundance gets to be your natural state. Master the skill of attuning + receiving + elevating your frequency with money again and again to expand into more WEALTH.

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Experiential Business Mastermind

CREATRIX is a 6 month embodied feminine awakening + business incubator to create + birth your soul-aligned product suite for women scaling their online business to $20k, $30k and $50k.

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3 Month Sacred Feminine Embodiment Mastermind

For the woman who is deeply committed to embodying the codes of effortless abundance and fertility that lives within. Living a life of her own creation, one of pleasure, of desire and of MAGIC

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