You're ready to turn on your magnetic feminine creative power to attract + manifest your next level desires, NOW.


Here's the thing...

As a woman you've been told that to get what you want (the body, the baby, the money, the business, the job)...

You have to set goals, work hard and make it happen.

Well, that's EXACTLY what's blocking you from everything you desire.


Men thrive with this structure. But as a feminine core woman this is NOT how you are meant to move.

And the longer you continue to move through the world like a man...

The more frustrated, burned out and empty-handed you'll be.


That is until NOW.

I get it. I built a body, a career, and 3 businesses moving through the world like a man...


None of it felt good. 

None of it sustainable. 

None of it still standing today.


When I was entirely exhausted yest still led by a burning desire to make an impact through my business...

I was led to awaken into my feminine creative power.

And what resulted was nothing short of MAGIC.

No one fully gets the 'how' behind my intentional magnetism and deliberate manifestation.


And I'm finally ready to reveal the exact energetics + strategy that's allowed me to build a business from my heart + quantum leap to 12k 25k and $50k months.



There is incredibly potent energy in the collective right now


throw gas on the fire & learn the timeless principles of fast, sustainable MANIFESTATION!


What you'll learn:

 👑aligning to the frequency of your desires + how to lead with your energy

👑the biggest block to manifesting with ease + how to shift it immediately

👑the energetic making of sustainable, feel-good, quantum leaps

👑my exact process of dismantling resistance, increasing my vibration + holding the energy through the wobbles

👑what it feels like to be out of your magnetism and what to do to turn it back on

👑move like a feminine core woman in her power, leading with her energy + intuition

👑the codes to eclipse out of lack and scarcity + vibrate at the frequency of abundance for GOOD

This 6 week power portal is for the woman who is no longer willing to  play by the rules...


Who is unavailable for logical, ho-hum results

Who can't imagine another day working hard for scraps of her dream.

Who knows she's meant for  more but unsure of how to make it happen

(until now)


This is not your beginner manifestation program. Ride on the energy of my latest quantum leap into $50k months inside my business plugged into these SAME sustainable principles!

What you get inside MANIFEST


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