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The experiential business mastermind to step into the frequency and strategy of being sold out, soul-aligned and KNOWN for your legacy-led business. 


CREATRIX is a 6 month embodied feminine awakening + business incubator to create + birth your soul-aligned, magnetic AF offer suite for women scaling their online business.


A potent Activation + Awakening into your own unique codes of creation, magnetic frequency and leadership in legacy-led business.

To expand into new depths of RECEIVING $20k, $30k, $50k months with ease, spaciousness & sustainability.
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You desire the deep healing + awakening AND the juicy aligned strategy in your business that feels so turned on + magnetic. 

You desire it ALL!


And you want to learn it from a woman who has started where you are now, who has walked through every portal to be embodied in the exact level of power + impact you desire to have in your business and life.


Here's the thing... the reason your work is falling flat is because you're playing small. You're playing by the rules. 


But you were never meant to play by the rules - you were meant to eclipse out of old paradigms and lead an entirely new movement.


It is obvious you have a big heart, big vision, and it's killing you that you're not making the kind of impact + flow of money through your business that you are here to make.


That changes right here, right now.



It is time to step into your innate creative power


You've built a business from the safety of your head, from logic, by following the strategy step-by-step of what you 'should' do... and you're burnt out, frustrated and totally capped as a result...


It's time to create from the place where limitless possibilities are manifested, the place that currently lie dormant within - your innate feminine energy.


It's time to awaken into your creative feminine power and create the business, the impact, the life of ease and spaciousness you DESIRE.


Where it's not going to make logical sense and that's the whole f*ing point.

 The Illogical Results I've Tapped into:


👑 New ideas + inspiration pour in, pull me forward, and create aligned programs, containers and branding that DRAW my clients in

👑 created + birthed + launched my product suite in a single day that has resulted in multiple sold out launches and being known for my work

👑 I sustained quantum leaps from $5k to $12k to $25k to $50k in a matter of 4 months

👑 I receive money every day in the form of recurring income, new sales, or both

👑 Clients investing in high-level immersions and masterminds within HOURS of finding me

👑 Closing sales with fun, inspiring conversations in the DMs with ease

👑 My audience grows every day and go out of their way to rate, review, share my content like wild fire

👑 My private 1:1 coaching is sold out with a paid waitlist

👑 Next rounds of containers fill behind the scenes when I’m not actively launching

👑 My client retention is high as they cannot get enough of the magic I put out + it makes sense to continue as I'm always expanding

👑 Clients love to sign up for multiple offers and programs simultaneously, not just one at a time

👑 Abundant screenshots of wins, celebrations and ah-ha life changing moments within my containers makes sharing social proof a breeze and does the selling for me

👑 My energy, frequency and magnetism does the work for me so I can stay in spacious creativity and have FUN with everything I do



My expansion has been big (& sustainable) at every new level.

I'm working less (not more) and I do it all ON PURPOSE.

And I'm ready to show you HOW. 



Here's What I Know To Be True:


 👑You desire to access sustainable quantum leaps in your impact and income

👑You desire to open your DMs to find high-level, self-led clients excited with anticipation to work with you

👑You desire to wakeup to notifications of new clients enrolling into your programs, selling out before you have time to launch

👑You desire your clients, followers, & fellow practitioners singing praise about the impact of your work that it does the selling for you

👑You desire to be an open channel, being the leading edge of new ideas that magnetic content literally pours out of you with ease

👑And most importantly, you desire to lead yourself, your clients, your business with Queen CEO level power they all wonder how you do it all

CREATRIX was meant for you.


It's time to step into your feminine creative power ...


to access the limitless, soul-aligned creative possibilities you desire that pull in high-level clients and high-impact income like a moth to a flame.


And I am here to show you how to ARRIVE ON PURPOSE. 


In CREATRIX you will embody the unique codes of feminine creative power through energetics AND aligned strategy, no matter where you are in business. We’re going deep, turning up the heat, and moving in alignment with SOUL.

It is normal to think you've done everything, but quite often we don’t know what we don’t know, and what a GIFT because that means there's always room for expansion.

  • We don’t always see how we're moving from a place of logic, fear and scarcity

  • We’re not sure how to tap into a vibey, more magnetic way of BEing that extends into the expression of content + marketing

  • We haven’t seen yet how to more creatively package our work where our audience GETS IT and continues to reinvest into the next thing

What I’ve seen is that women in business don't know how to tap into their innate life force energy to blow the eff up, to do it with ease, and have it be FUN.

I've gone on the journey to answer these questions myself, I've found what works with ease, and I take you behind the scenes to help you align to doing it all your way, with more flow, and results that blow the top off.

We begin early 2023

What you get inside CREATRIX

Special Presale Price

  • 6 months inside the CREATRIX mastermind to integrate and BE your fullest expression
  • Intimate Group Telegram Chat where you can plug into the energy with me + receive expansive coaching in moments you need it most
  • 1 Quantum Healing + Feminine Energy Activation group call pr month where we do the inner energy work to increase the potency of the actions you take in business
  • 1 Hot-Seat Group Coaching Call where you receive potent coaching to move fast through blocks + integrate strategy, energetics, and embodiment
  • Immediate access to Feminine Magic content portal ($4444)

A taste of what we'll dive into:

Within this experiential business mastermind you will be led through potent womb awakening and deep feminine energy healing + activations along with potent, aligned business strategy to blow the top off your creative power + magnetism + receptivity to high-level clients +  impact + income.

Throat chakra opening + clearing to powerfully express your truth + be known for your gifts
Releasing old wounds + programming around receiving to open you up for greater and great levels of money, clients, and impact
Eclipse out of the old paradigm of doing, over-effecting and over-compensating in the physical 3D
Higher self activation to bring your next level power, certainty and expansion into the NOW moment
Blowing the top off your content, reaching new levels of engagement, speaking the language of high-level, self-led clients ready to invest
Being seen as THE authority & thought-leader in your space so that you are the go-to who is paid for your expertise
Womb awakening embodiment practices + to access your own unique codes of creation that becomes a reliable spark for new ideas, containers, programs and branding
The energetics + strategies to sell behind the scenes, making it a no-brainer for clients to resign, and selling out containers before officially launching
The energetics + strategies to stack recurring income, create safety + security with money always supporting you, consistently in the energy of momentum building + manifestations popping
Tapping into and fully expressing your soul's essence and building a legacy + getting paid for your creative expression while transforming thousands of lives
Fast, zoom zoom, quantum leaps in a easeful, sustainable, regulated way that honors your feminine essence + flow

The experiential business mastermind to step into the frequency and strategy of being sold out, soul-aligned and KNOWN for your legacy-led business.


Enrollment is now open for 2023 and space is limited!

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