Activate your innate fertile power

Learn the new, holistic & empowering approach to become pregnant with ease & flow.

(even if you've been struggling for years or failed past treatments)


Fertility Activation

Ditch the restriction & sacrifice, step into juicy, desire-filled strategy that nourishes, heals & activates your fertility from within

  • A multidimensional 4 month group immersion to activate your fertility within
  • For the woman who has been piecing together her nutrition and fertility strategy since the beginning - it feels hard, restrictive and in a constant state of obsession & sacrifice.
  • She desires a clear, cohesive strategy that deeply heals & nourishes her body AND feels so good, easeful, and juicy AF.
  • She wants sustainability AND fun while receiving the potent energetic and mindset shifts to overcome triggers & deepen the belief, ease and feminine flow in her fertility journey and life.
  • She's ready to cover all her bases mind-body-soul to activate her fertility from within. There's nothing like this in the fertility world. NOTHING.
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The Awakened Womb

Heal the emotional blocks, reclaim your feminine life force energy & get pregnant naturally.

  • 6 week sacred mastermind and sisterhood support
  • For the woman who desires deep clearing and healing of emotional wounds, baggage and fertility traumas blocking conceptions.
  • She desires to free herself from fear & limiting beliefs to open the portal of creation and receive her manifestations in the physical 3D womb space.
  • This container is perfect for the woman who is stuck in fear, self doubt and guilt and is ready to break free and move forward in it-gets-to-be-this-good kind of momentum.
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1:1 Quantum Fertility Coaching

Overcome emotional triggers & Expand into your next level

  • 4 month, intimate 1:1 portal into the expansion of all that you desire.
  • It's not just about how to get pregnant, it's about WHO you are becoming while you attract your inevitable success of becoming a mother.
  • You will be guided through my completely unique, 4-step quantum fertility process to set your intentions, untangle limiting conditioning, heal & process emotional blocks and expand into the next level of receiving abundance in all areas of your life.
  • For the woman who feels disconnected from her bodies and needs support through their emotional blocks & traumas in a safe & energetic space.
  • I remind you of your power and help you to step back into your feminine fertile power through energetics, mindset and functional strategies to align your body-mind-soul for an easeful conception, pregnancy & beyond.
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What clients are saying...

“I'm finally allowing trust into God's timing. I've never been this close to believing in myself"

-Vianca S.

“I'm celebrating that I can be more relaxed about not being perfect and just letting go of worry”

-Anne H.

"I I will never forget the absolute release & lightness I felt after just one session with Stesha”

-Amy M.