Want to lead the way as an embodied leader of the feminine awakening movement?

Become a Womb Awakening Trailblazer


A 90 minute Open House and Q/A to find out everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Womb Alchemist


You'll get clear on what it means to be Embodied in Womb Awakening Modality and how to hold potent transformational spaces for women journeying to their most powerful feminine selves.


I'll also teach you how to master your own healing and alchemy process to become the leader in your business and trailblazer in the industry to create the impact you've *always* dreamed of making.

with Stesha Reukuaf

September 11th @ 4pm MST

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Join us this Monday September 11th at 4pm MST


This Open House is for...


the woman who hears the whisper of her Womb and the call back to her Medicine Woman Archetype.


the woman coach, healer, practitioner ready to take her clients into a deeper level healing + transformation.


the woman who desires to set a new standard in the industry, be KNOWN for her work and create the legacy she's meant to leave...


What we'll be diving into in this 90 minute Open House:


💥Why most coaches, healers and practitioners are struggling to make the impact they know they're meant to leave and how to step boldly into your legacy NOW (this will change everything for you).

💥My unique perspective on Womb Awakening as the most fundamental skillset and way of BEing you should prioritize as a women's health and embodiment coach

💥how to leverage this once in a lifetime opportunity to be on the forefront of the fastest growing modality within the women's health and feminine healing industry

💥How you *think* you may be healing your clients, but what's actually holding them back from spontaneous healing and enlightenment

💥What it means to 'hold space' and how your embodiment as a Womb Alchemist will support women through challenging transitions

💥How to integrate your current knowledge and qualifications into your being so that you're actually leveraging your skillsets and not just acquiring more information

💥How to launch a Soul-aligned business as a Certified Womb Alchemist and step into an abundant lifestyle created through your inner alignment

💥What's possible when you work with me as your MENTOR verses just taking another training program

💥All the exciting details of the upcoming Embodied Womb Awakening Certification September Cohort which includes the modules and tools you'll attain to become a TRAILBLAZER in this industry.

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The time is NOW 

The Feminine Awakening is upon us and women are exiting the Western Medical Matrix at the highest rate in history.


Women are searching for more than a supplement, tincture or treatment.


They desire a home-coming back to their Truth, their Power, their full Creative Expression.


And they're already looking for coaches, healers, programs, retreats and communities to take them there.


As a current or aspiring profession in the industry, this is your BIG opportunity to answer the call of your highest Purpose, to step into your Power and fulfill your role as a Leader of the Awakening, guiding and facilitating women back home to their Self.
And claim a life, a career, a business built upon an overflow of abundance and fulfillment.


The Embodied Womb Awakening Practitioner Certification is revolutionizing the industry by brining these new and ancient concepts and modalities beyond the level of knowing and integrating deep into the body at the level of Being.


We know that when you're embodied in you own healing and awakening journey...

...not only are you elevated into the highest level of health, wealth, vitality and joy, but you know exactly how to speak clearly the value of your work and embody the emanate the confidence and conviction to lead your clients through an impactful transformation.

You'll become a master quantum and somatic womb healing and feminine embodiment practices and will develop the intuitive skillset to confidently hold space for your client's journey through their shadows and into their Truth.

So few practitioners have the deep understanding of BOTH the 3D and 5D. And even fewer are aware of how to bridge the gap and toggle between the two for radical healing and transformation.


This is your opportunity to become one of the few of the few and lead this movement by storm.


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Meet your Womb Awakening Trailblazer

Stesha Reukauf

I'm obsessed with teaching highly ambitious, aspiring mamas how to radically shift their strategy & energetics to become pregnant with ease & flow.

As a Women's health & Fertility Practitioner, CEO and Feminine Energy Healer, I'm committed to guiding women back to their truth as powerful creators of their health and life.

In the last 5 years, I've:

  • Helped hundreds of women tap into their own ability to reverse their 'incurable' autoimmune, endocrine, and fertility diagnoses through the potent combination of Functional Nutrition and Energy Healing modalities
  • Certified and Mentored under the top women's health experts and institutions including Integrative Women's Health Institute, Functional Nutrition Alliance, and Functional Women's Health Professional Training with Dr. Aviva Romm
  • Conducting research for the effectiveness of quantum medicine in the treatment of infertility through the doctorate program at Quantum University
  • PHD candidate of Natural Medicine with a Bachelor's & Masters in Holistic Health Sciences, as well as, a Bachelor's in Bio and Chemical Engineering
  • Been featured in publications such as Medium and Thrive Global as well as top Fertility Podcasts such as Health Babes, The Wholesome Lotus, Fertility Life Coach, and the Love & Loss Podcast.
  • CEO of a multi-6 figure fertility coaching business and feminine business mentorship business. And founded a revolutionary Womb Awakening Certification program for women coaches, healers and practitioners.

I continue to invest time, energy and financial resources into my own growth and leadership to enable me to provide you the best available coaching and mentorship.