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"They said we'd never get pregnant, until we got a positive pregnancy test the day BEFORE our scheduled IVF! Thank you Stesha!"

Diane Bridges 
- Pregnant Naturally after Reversing Endometriosis

"Before HFM, I had suffered 2 miscarriages as well as 9 months of fertility treatments. I tried every type of diet, talked to many people and felt so invalidated. NOW I completely trust my body again!

- Pregnant Naturally after Reversing PCOS, miscarriages & failed fertility treatments

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So now let's talk about the reason why YOU are struggling to conceive... 

Right now, you're desperate to see any REAL results in your fertility journey.

You thought you'd be pregnant by now, yet here you are, completely obsessed and consumed with your fertility app and ttc.

On top of the burnout, you've sacrificed even MORE sanity trying to get pregnant - you cut your favorite foods, nights out with the girls, and family BBQ's - all for nothing to show for it.

The pressure from family makes you feel ashamed, alone and inadequate - your husband is supportive, but you bear most of the burden

Now you're trying to decide what the next 'right' step will be, but it makes you feel weak and paralyzed.

Honestly, you feel like you've been at a constant war with your body ever since you can remember and resent it for all it's put you through! 

You think that because you haven't gotten pregnant yet, then there’s something wrong with you, that your body is broken, and that it needs to be fixed.

But the truth is, YOU are not broken mama...

What's broken is the way you've been conditioned to THINK.

You've been working so hard, trying to do everything perfectly - OPK tests, clean eating, balancing your hormones - thinking that if you just work hard enough, you'll see that positive pregnancy test and FINALLY be worthy.

What is the result of this desperate cycle?

It reinforces the belief that your body is broken and that you are not enough right now - leading to MORE desperation and deprivation trying to PROVE YOUR ARE WORTHY by getting pregnant.

TTC Doesn't Have to Be Hard Work


If you’re like most women struggling to conceive on their own, then chances are you’re operating from a belief that your body is broken.

With a Belief that Your Body is Broken...

 your ability to get pregnant is dependent on FIXING your body with hard work, medication, and fertility treatments. 

Your Fertility is Out of Your Hands!

You’re at the mercy of your fertility clinic and what they think is best for you.

It creates an endless treadmill of stress and obsession. A constant treadmill of drugs, side-effects, and emotional ups and downs.

It’s a belief that will leave you disempowered and robbed of a joyful journey.

But there’s no reason to be ashamed!

It's Not Your Fault!

It’s all that you knew...Until Now!

If you’ve already felt the nudge that there was something more,  something underlying that was the cause of why you weren't conceiving...

And if you Could Just Figure Out WHY,

you’d be able to fulfill your dream of conceiving and become the mother you were meant to be.

That's why I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do that - and it starts with...

Healing the Root Causes so that You can Conceive Naturally.


Drumroll please...




A Proven Step-by-Step Method to Finally Healing the Root Cause & Conceiving Naturally!

There IS a way to heal your body, improve your fertility and become pregnant without losing yourself and getting lost in the million 'have-to-dos'...

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Why Are So Many Women Getting Results With My Holistic Framework?

Consider this...ever since you decided to try to get pregnant, all the attention has been on the SYMPTOMS of your physical body...




You might have suppressed one for now, but not too long and another one raises it's ugly head.


What makes our clients SO successful inside our program, is that we take a root cause approach to your specific fertility challenges and empower you to to heal the TERRAIN of your WHOLE body from the inside-out.


By healing the whole body, mind & spirit, rather than a symptom, a deeper level of transformation is achieved.

It is NOT just another diet plan. It is an entirely NEW way of approaching fertility than anything else you may have tried before. 


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