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In this podcast you will be inspired to:

  • Ditch the deprivation & sacrifice in your nutrition, lifestyle & fertility strategy

  • Break all the rules of 'have-to's' & 'should's' within the walls of your fertility journey

  • All while building a fulfilling, pleasure-filled life that will be the perfect sundae to your baby, the cherry on top

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Ways to come play

4 Month Group Immersion

For the woman who desires to cover all her fertility strategy bases while clearing energetic blocks and stepping into feminine ease.

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8 Week Womb Healing Mastermind

For the woman ready to clear generational, childhood and fertility trauma and fully step into an empowered feminine fertility journey.

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3 Month Sacred Feminine Embodiment Mastermind

For the woman who is deeply committed to embodying the codes of effortless abundance and fertility that lives within. Living a life of her own creation, one of pleasure, of desire and of MAGIC

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1:1 Fertility Coaching

For the woman ready to collapse time and quantum leap in every aspect of her life. And step into limitless power, limitless fertility and limitless ease.

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Functional Fertility, Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategy Course

For the woman ready to heal the root cause of her health, hormonal or fertility struggle with a sustainable nutrition & lifestyle approach to get pregnant with ease.

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This podcast is nothing short of life-altering for me. Everything Stesha shares seems to hit home! Having been on this journey for a while, I've really appreciated the subtle 're-frames' she offers and the simple, easily applicable advice. Stesha is empowering, doesn't hold back, and provides so much valuable education that goes fare beyond fertility.