The ICONIC Coach Bootcamp

2 WEEK BOOTCAMP to map out your next level vision, overcome the fear of being seen, expand your reach and become massively influential in your space.

The Bootcamp is an intimate gathering of women coaches, healers and practitioners stepping into their BIG vision, unapologetically speaking their truth, leading their movement, and building an ICONIC brand to match.

When I opened the flood gates to my unique magic and self expression my reach, my impact, and my business EXPLODED. I become the ICON of my industry - and I'm here to ignite the same fire within you. LFG!

You have a burning passion within you and you KNOW you're meant for MORE. But the fear of being seen, of voicing your unique message, of *actually* taking action to manifest your vision into reality...

it can keep you paralyzed, small and caged.

But imagine a world where women with a vision chose to stay silent, shrink themselves and carry on the status quo with regret - rather than daring to bring their vision to life and lead in a new way?!

Without your voice, your gifts and your COURAGE to trust the pull, to take a stand, to step out, to lead... you never get to say what you want to say, create what you want to create, teach what you want to teach... and you're unavailable for that!

This Bootcamp will break the glass ceiling, dismantle the fear held within your body and awaken your feminine power centers of intuition, magnetism and creativity.

The ICONIC Coach Bootcamp is about taking your power back and amplifying it.

It's about becoming a TRAILBLAZER by awakening your unique magic and unapologetically expressing it.

How you EXPRESS the fullness of your work will never be the same, your business will never be the same, YOU will never be the same.


What you'll get:

  • 2 wees of Telegram mastermind support
  • 3 Live training calls
  • 2 hot seat coaching calls
  • Womb healing + quantum embodiment practices

To begin August 21st

Upon signup, you have the opportunity to apply the $444 to the tuition of Embodied awakening Certification by Aug 31st.

The ICONIC Coach Bootcamp is included as a BONUS for the Early Bird enrollment of Embodied Awakening Certification - expires Aug 31st.

$444.00 USD