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ALIGNED Offer Creation


VIBE: Creative magic, intuitively led, energetically aligned, MAGNETIC

Learn the MAGIC of leading with desire to create energetically aligned offers that magnetize your audience to BUY.

In this masterclass you'll not only tap into limitless inspiration, but also understand how to FINALLY articulate the VALUE of your magic that instantly resonates with your people (without having to overexplain or convince).

There is a HOW behind why some coaches are FELT in their magnetism and others are not. You're going to FEEL into this vibration and learn how to weave it into the marketing of your offer (<<this is the secret sauce of why clients come to ME asking for the link without objections around price, etc.)

BONUS: I teach you how to HOLD THE ENERGY through the ups and downs of your ENTIRE launch period (this is where most coaches fall short, but not you!)

What you'll get:

  • Masterclass Replay
  • Lifetime access
  • $111 Product Credit

Because of the nature of the delivery of this content, no refund available.