Welcome to the Revolution of REAL root fertility at the level of *womb energy*

For women ready to *finally* heal the hidden stored trauma of the womb to get & STAY pregnant

You've been yanked around in the fertility space for too long, you're ready to step fully into your feminine power and abundant fertility without it taking taking a long time or sacrificing life.


🎉go beyond the physical strategies and get to the emotional layer of why you're not conceiving or staying pregnant

🎉be *deeply* connected, in tune and in FLOW with your body's intuition and not at constant war

🎉break free from inner emptiness from another month not pregnant and unlock your inner knowing and TRUST that you are meant to have this baby

🎉crack the code of true fertility without always needing to 'figure it out' or 'fix it' the surface level problems

🎉ready to get pregnant with EASE and start living the joy-filled life you desire knowing YOU are the creator of your reality



 What womb trauma is and how to know exactly when it's showing up in your physical reality (health, relationships, patterns) so it's no longer unconsciously limiting your life

Types of wounded masculine and fragmented feminine energies that your womb is holding onto plus how to clear them for instantaneous shift in your physical 3D

 Understand WHY you aren't actually healing and what to do to activate your innate self-healing with a proven framework that works

 How womb energetics provides the exact answers to the deeply rooted symptoms, emotional patterns and dis-ease that modern women are already seeking answers to 

 Unlock the deep trust and connection you crave with yourself because of your ability to dialogue with your intuitive authority and energy system of the body



Womb energetics is an energy healing and somatic release modality that releases years of stored trauma out of your womb while bringing your nervous system, hormones and fertility back into balance.

As you release, you'll feel a new sense of vitality, openness, peace and feminine fluidity as your self-healing life force energy rushes in to clear away the stagnant distorted energies causing symptoms & dis-ease.


  • 90 min masterclass + workshop hybrid (bring your notebooks!)
  • Replay sent out and available immediately
  • My 4 Step Secret Framework to heal the *exact* root of your (in)fertility or recurring miscarriages
  • lifetime access to resources
  • SPECIAL NO BRAINER INVIATION to join Awakened Womb for lifetime access

LIVE WORKSHOP hosed on Zoom on Monday May 27th @ 5pm MST

Recording sent out immediately after live workshop is complete.


You are READY to demystify your journey, awaken into the fullness of who you are and reclaim your Feminine life force - YUM

Price Increases to $222 soon!

$97.00 USD