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FRICTION ⚡Masterclass

The ULTIMATE Feminine Shadow Work Masterclass


Learn how to lean in and leverage the friction in your life, relationships and business to EXPAND into your untapped potential and power at the speed of light ⚡


FRICTION - bumping up against the protective layer of your feminine shadow parts

Friction can look like triggers, projections, emotional reactions, defensiveness, passive aggressiveness, jealousy, comparing, shame, blame, etc.

Most people REACT to friction in their life / business / relationships bc they're unaware of the true purpose of friction and thus remain 'stuck' in disempowering story.

You will continue to experience the same flavor of friction (ie. you're most redundant limiting beliefs) until you learn how to alchemize them at the level of the body.

It's not ab creating a life where you don't ever experience friction - it's *actually* about learning how to LEAN IN and LEVERAGE friction to gain awareness to the parts of you that must be integrated to fully tap into your full potential and power.

And that's EXACTLY what I'm going to show you how to do inside this INSANELY VALUABLE masterclass that could quite honestly be priced in the multiple thousands of dollars...

Why? Bc this one skillset has personally made me multi-6 figures in my business year after year.

This masterclass is TANGIBLE and IMPLEMENTABLE.

It's on pre-presale now for $44 and will be $199.

What you'll get:

  • LIVE 90 min masterclass
  • my unique shadow work leveraging process
  • lifetime recording

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