Intentional Income Ascensionđź’¸Masterclass

đź’¸The exact energetic frequency + strategy to intentionally step into higher and higher levels of income in your businessđź‘‘

In this masterclass I give you the behind the senses of how I intentionally increased my monthly income from $5k to $12k to $23k cash months while sustaining this higher amount despite circumstances in life.

What we're covering:

  • WHY you're stuck at the same income level (& number in the bank account) despite what you do differently inside your business
  • HOW to intentionally stack your income again and again  that defies logic by becoming a match for MORE
  • HOW to open up multiple pathways of cash inside your business without added pressure
  • HOW to clean up the energetic leaks in your money house to intentionally stack cash in your account behind the scenes
  • NEW beliefs to hold the power when it's 'not working' so that you become a match for quantum leaps with money

This is a recorded live training.

Price increases to $222 soon.

$111.00 USD