$199.00 USD

MONEY PATHWAY$ to SCALE your Business

2 Day Money Pathway Training + Workshop

You've been told you need to sell out your 1:1 or only have ONE signature group program in your coaching business, as to not overwhelm yourself and confuse your audience.

IMO that's boring as hell. And if YOU are bored, you're audience is bored ...

(crickets in sales)

Plus, let's give your people some credit and trust that they are empowered buyers who KNOW what they want.

I'm going to show you how to create an IRRESISTABLE offer suite that sells.

This is how I've tapped into:

  • multiple pathways to cash
  • getting paid everyday
  • stacking recurring income 5 months out
  • clients buying up all my programs
  • new followers purchasing in minutes
  • having fun and being magnetic as hell

All because I ditched the old, stale advice, trusted myself, and led with pure desire of having an wildly impactful and profitable business.


What you get:

  • Recorded Training + Workshop Q/A
  • Lifetime Access to replays