Master Magnetic Money

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The Vibe:

Abundance gets to be your natural state. Master the skill of attuning + receiving + elevating your frequency with money again and again to expand into more WEALTH.

+ No one really understands how I've been able to INTENTIONALLY receive more and more money, stack cash in all my accounts, and embody deeper levels of ease + spaciousness in the process.

+ I'm ready to reveal my exact process of transcending a state of lack with money into abundance through womb activations + creative energy awakening + subconscious reprogramming + NS regulation.

+ You get the tool kit and training to expand into higher and higher frequencies of wealth and money manifestation no matter what your current relationship with money is at.


What you'll get:

  • 6 week self-led training
  • powerful energetic transmissions
  • money elevating toolbox
  • lifetime access

What People Are Saying:

@steshareukauf just re- listening to the last module this morning. I feel like I am building momentum keeping my 20k in mind, going about my usual routine noticing all the evidence of abundance around me… My secondary thoughts of am I doing enough? and when? How? are getting less👍 I just keep reminding myself everything is stacking and building and gets to work for me! Thank you so much for this😊


Happy Thursday, I am feeling excited! today I have received really good feedback from my clients after the yoga lesson🤩also I have been ask to teach yoga at an event for kids and this is a good opportunity to get known by many people. I notice I am starting to really appreciate also the unexpected little things that happen


Yasssss you’re shifting your perspective. Finding ALL the evidence (that’s already there 😝) that it’s all happening and WANTS to happen for you. You’re dropping the resistance and allowing in the magic!! Ans there’s more more more where that came from !!! 🤩🤩🤩


My day 1 was great! I felt really good/abundant I was able to go for 2 walks, some journaling and doing my content for business came from a different place that my message would teach the right people. Yesterday I had a bad headache so spent most of the day in bed. This morning going for groceries from an abundant place😊

I am realizing that detaching from the how, when and all the logic thoughts that usually comes up, is a game changer for me. That it allows me to stay plugged into desire and to keep staying in the momentum. And that’s amazing🤩


A big realization about debt. For me it always felt really bad, like I couldn’t have any otherwise I would have felt like a failure. And I never had one. But now I feel like it is not that bad evil thing, and if i ever need to ask for a loan I would feel grateful for what it allow me to have!

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