Quantum Fertility 1:1 Coaching

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This 4 month 1:1 PORTAL into limitless life force energy for women trying to conceive ready to:

+ physically & energetically shed the accumulated fears & traumas held within your womb so you can awaken your fertile, creative energy within

+ cultivate deep feminine power and belief in your body's ability to conceive and carry to term by taking bold, inspired action from a place of intuitive knowing

+ let go of the identity of 'infertile' and walk into an elevated, next level version who is congruent with the truth of who you are

+ shed the survival patterns blocking your core authenticity to experience deep fulfillment and attract your baby with ease

+ learn potent, yet simple, embodiment rituals to get out of your head & into your body to anchor into receiving & implanting your baby

+ shift out of lack energy & into enough-ness to rapidly close the gap between where you are where you desire to be

+ massively expand into embodied trust with the Universe & surrendered divine timing to activate your unlimited fertile potential.

The focus will be on potent womb healing, subconscious reprogramming, fertility activation, deep alignment, ease, and surrender.

What you'll receive:

✨ 4 months of high level intimate Telegram support to tune in and receive potent coaching from me to move rapidly through blocks and old patterns

✨ 3 x 75 min per month private coaching calls to receive coaching from me on specific emotional blocks and to code in new energetics of abundance and magnetism

✨ Access to potent meditations, visualizations and breathing techniques to release wounds from the womb, reprogram the subconscious and code in new levels of activating fertility and receiving abundance

Because of the nature of this work, there are no refunds available. Please DM on Instagram @stesha.reukauf if you'd like to discuss more :)

$4,444.00 USD