Multi 6 Fig Activation - Presale!

VIBE: Aligned Business Strategy + Wealth Energetics

SIGNATURE 4 month business immersion to tap into the aligned strategy + energetics + identity for women tapping into multi 6 figure years in business.

In this container we break all the rules that have been keeping you limited, stuck and stagnant in your business and purpose.

Say good bye to the complex, dried up, templated business coaching strategy - the drainy discovery calls, cringe-worthy cold DMing, slimy salesy webinars, soul-sucking automated emails and complicated offer funnels. Not to mention the tech to involved to manage it all. BLEHHHH

There was a substantial shift in my strategy, energetic frequency, and what / how I was selling and showing up online that allowed me to quantum leap and sustain $20k months in my business.

To go from low rollercoaster months in your business to consistent $20k months, there must be an uplevel in certainty, power, and conviction in your long-term, legacy-led vision. There must be a claiming and owning of your unique energetic signature that others perceive as the ICON of your industry.

When you step into it, you become an unstoppable magnetic force, collapse time and scale with ease - AND get to have an absolute blast building your empire in the process.

I know what it feels like to be...

  • stuck / stagnant / heavy because it isn't working, your audience is watching but not buying, they don't see the value, feels like you have to over-explain and convince.
  • no matter how much you do, it doesn't seem enough, launches feel heavy / traumatic, they never turn out in the way you want, you drop your power, look to what others are doing, and get stuck copying what other successful coaches are doing but it's not working
  • you desire the ease, the magic, the magnetism. you know your shit and your clients get incredible results, but there's a block trying to get people in easily and consistently. You know your shit if FIRE and you're ready to f*ing let it all in!
  • you're ready to lead with energy of ease and magnetism in your business that has your clients begging to be in every offer you put out.
  • you're ready for a juicy, fun strategy that is an extension of you embodied in your unique expression - hello, alignment.
  • you're ready for this to FINALLY work, without the sacrifice, without the hustle, without dipping in power.

You're ready for the aligned strategy + energetics + identity behind your first $20k month in business.


What you’ll become a master in:

  • built-out Ascension model for sustainable $20k months
  • aligned offer creation + stacking for multiple pathways of cash
  • magnetic, sold out launches that ignite your energy
  • easily selling multiple things at once to get paid everyday
  • selling without selling to aligned clients in the DMs
  • intuitive content creation that takes seconds
  • power-provoking IG stories that captivate buyers


Who this is for:

  • you've been in business for a little while now, you have the basics down and ready to pour gas on the fire
  • you've been at this awhile, done it all, ready for it to be easy and to just work.
  • you've touched the $20k mark once or twice but it wasn't sustainable and you've been spinning ever since
  • things are good in business and you're ready for them to be GREAT


What you'll get:

  • 4 month Group Immersion
  • Bi-weekly Q/A group calls
  • Sisterhood chat
  • Lifetime Access to content portal


Limited Time Bonus: receive SOLD OUT Frequency Bootcamp ($555)

PIF BONUS: 30 min 1:1 VIP call with Stesha to map your personalized strategic + energetic Blueprint

Enroll Now on Presale. Full price will be $4444.

$667.00 USD

4 monthly payments

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