Sacred 5 month journey of integration & ascension to the absolute highest level of embodiment of feminine essence, vitality, abundance, power & magnetism.



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 I know you've been on this journey for awhile.


You've worked harder than anyone your know, you've devoted yourself to learning how to get ahead, you've even cleared trauma and have been on your path of evolution.


And yet...

You're stuck in the trap of still not being 'there' yet.


You've been going through the motions, but honestly, doubting if the health, the body, the sex life, the peace, the abundance, the bank account, the LIFE you desire will ever land for you.


Here's the thing...

You've been told that being high maintenance is bad.

That wanting more is bad.

That receiving is bad.


So is it any wonder why you're not where you want to be in life?!!!



If you desire to BECOME the woman who...



is deeply grounded in the PRESENT MOMENT,

tapped into the effortless flow of VITALITY, and

drawing her desires toward her like a high powered MAGNET...


then it is time to RECLAIM your Feminine.


There was a time not too long ago where I physically & mentally could not allow myself to just BE.

There was a guilty consciousness hanging over me: "You haven't done enough yet" and "Who do you think you are" and "You're so lazy"

This constant state of hypervigilance is what I call the 'wounded masculine.'

And it's programming that ALL women carry that will keep you in a perpetual state of doing, thinking, fixing and never feeling enough.

We as women wonder why the hell we're not connected to our body.

Why we can't trust our intuition.

Why our creative life force energy is dimly lit or completely out...

Yet we desire to be deeply in our feminine.

This doesn't come from external sources. This comes from WITHIN.

Within the intimate container of this mastermind, you will step into the actual embodiment of wealth, pleasure, magic, magnetism and abundant overflow.

Feminine embodiment is not a state you can think your way into, it is something that you ARE.

This container offers you the journey to ARRIVE.


๐Ÿ’‹ You are fully secure in who you are. That overthinking, overdoing and overcompensating are frequencies you're no longer available for


๐Ÿ’‹ You are the woman who turns heads, who makes everyone wonder how she does it AND you LOVE to receive the attention


๐Ÿ’‹ You are deeply connected to the wisdom and intuition of your body that you never pick up another diet or exercise book again. You don't need it. You are body-led by your built-in map to abundant health and rejuvenation


๐Ÿ’‹ You are seen, heard and valued in your relationship. It feels like a marriage you only seen on TV - full of hot sex, deep candle-lit conversation and led in partnership towards your shared vision


๐Ÿ’‹ Your cycle regularity, hormones and fertility (if desired) just gets to BE and you know everything is aligned because you feel it in your body


๐Ÿ’‹ Moving through your career is something you actually wake up and look forward to because you're no longer worried what other people think and you have command over your environment and it serves you


๐Ÿ’‹ Your business explodes with ease because of your fully activated magnetism. Everything gets to work because you decided it does


๐Ÿ’‹ You have mastery over alchemizing your emotions and aligning your energy. The energy around you moves quickly for quantum manifesting


๐Ÿ’‹ The more fun you have, the more pleasure you receive, the more abundance, money and prosperity you draw into your bank account, money becomes as easeful and inevitable as the air you breathe


๐Ÿ’‹ Feminine wealth in money, love, fun, friendships, experiences, sensual living and wild manifestations coming true. And it's all flowing with miraculous ease because you set the standard of what you're available for and decided how things get to be for you. You are beyond powerful



All because you are able to stay deeply embodied in your feminine and receive it ALL with ease

Feminine Magnetism is an inside game, an energy game, a deep embodiment of your queen & goddess archetype, where you're fully activated and deeply expressed in your truth without giving a f* about what anyone thinks.


Next level feminine magnetism is about receiving the next level abundance codes. 

It's the difference between the constant struggle you're used to and high speed quantum leaps with so much ease & flow that will blow your mind the first time it happens -- then become the standard way you play in life because you learned to magnetize on purpose and without effort or second-guessing.

๐ŸŒน Pregnant on the first time we started trying again!

๐ŸŒน 12 eggs from our egg retrieval yesterday!!!!!

๐ŸŒน Deconstructing all the codependent relationships with my parents. I finally feel free to just do what I want without worrying about what they might think

๐ŸŒน No longer giving a f* about my age, being an older mom, or what anyone thinks!

๐ŸŒน My sex life has exploded! As soon as I cleared the hidden sexual trauma from my lineage, I'm feeling pleasure always without the weird guilt. My husband is obviously loving me being deeper in my feminine embodiment

๐ŸŒน Literally asking for more time off and first dips on the corner office with big windows and I it was all given! I would have never thought I deserved these things before and now it's just standard

๐ŸŒน Made $12k in sales in my business and it felt standard, obvious, and no big deal. Absolutely no burn out or question I can do it again.

๐ŸŒน My skin is clear, my hunger/cravings are literally non-existent, my body has settled into a beautiful shape without having to workout hard or diet all the time. I literally have a glow up from the energetic shifts we've made.



๐ŸŒน Threw out ALL the books, and strategies, and boxes people have put me in and literally following my body every moment. It's so freeing this newfound trust

๐ŸŒน Able to show up more as my self and speak my truth without even a thought to be different. Crazy to say coming from someone who was scared to death to raise their hand in class

๐ŸŒน Money flows to me easily and often. I could have never expected or predicted the way money has surprised me

๐ŸŒน Booked 2 new clients paid in full at new high-ticket price!

๐ŸŒน Saying 'no' to going back to work as a lawyer even though the old me would have dragged myself back because 'you have to work to prove you're worthy'. HUGE win!

๐ŸŒน Hosted a huge party at our house and everyone had the best f* time! I would have NEVER planned a party in the past for fear of no one coming

๐ŸŒน People and opportunities literally drawn to me like a moth to a flame everywhere I go! It's like everyone wants to be around me LOVE the magnetism

๐ŸŒน Accepted that time is no longer linear and that I no longer have to chase opportunities but rather attract them in

๐ŸŒน Learned to celebrate myself each and every day. It feels incredible to finally have ARRIVED in abundance and keep building from here


I don’t know if I can put into to words the impact this course has had on me. From the very start we learned to be clear on our desires and not wobble- this was a big step for me to clearly state I desired 2 more healthy babies.

Once I was clear on this and kept it in mind it made the healing and processing of my past and current (during the course) miscarriages a little easier to handle knowing I would get my desire as it is meant for me.

I am happy to say I am currently pregnant with a healthy baby. I am so thankful for everything I have learned and healed in this course as I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without it!

I also became aware of my energy and the difference of coming from a place of lack verses abundance. This was new for me and is something I now use in my everyday to see and feel the abundance around me.

The way this course is set up was perfect for me, I loved being able to go into the chat and get support, confirmation or re-direction when needed when things came up for me. It truly has helped me reprogram my thoughts and beliefs and step closer to my higher self in all areas of my life. I will forever be grateful I felt the need to take this course when I did. I can’t thanks Stesha enough for her love, support and expertise.


I started my journey with Stesha realizing that I was most definitely leaning in my masculine energy which was not working for me and my heart desires.

It’s been such a beautiful learning journey to be able to lean into my feminine energy with more ease and confidence.

It was such an amazing shift to continue the journey into Feminine Magic because the practices and guidance Stesha provides relates to all aspects of all life.

Every woman can benefit from this journey because the practice of feminine embodiment not only spiritually elevates you but brings you back to your true self and feminine energy that allows you to flourish in all areas of life.

Stesha is wonderful, powerful magical and the journey is so transformative.

Thank you!




How do you know this journey is for you? 


Well, one, you're body is being pulled and so you trust in your desire the first time and…


Your health / fitness / fertility journey feels like you have to exert more energy than you like in order to make things happen, something in the energy feels heavy, like if you don't do more, you won't get 'there'.


Your partnership and sex life has fallen flat and you don't know how to rekindle the flame. You're ready to mend the tension and be fully turned on, flirting, and playing with pleasure.


You know that you are meant to be the woman who goes deep with her friendships, you're so ready to be done with the surface-level BS you've been living in.


You have an impossible time with turning your thinking brain off, always seem to be rushed and stressed through life. You crave the peace, calm and downtime but it never feels like it's enough to fully rejuvenate you.


Your job / business feels blah and you crave the passion, inspiration and being tapped into your magnetism to attract opportunities and clients to you like moth to a flame.


 You know how to make money, but you keep hitting the same ceiling and it's only ever just enough. You desire the overflow with money that feels vibey, easy and never worrying about it again.


You desire it ALL and you're ready to claim it ALL.


When I was approaching writing this review I was thinking about who I was before and who I am now - to be honest, I can’t even recognize the woman I am now but at the same time I’ve never felt so at home and so myself…more like myself than I’ve felt in years.

I so missed the woman that years of tolerating trauma and boundary-less living took from me. I spent far too long grieving the fearless dreamer, the forever friend and the consummate adventurous spirit.

But she’s back, she’s here. I’ve arrived and at the same time I’m still arriving. Everyday I’m manifesting the woman I day dream about because it’s always evolving. The possibilities are endless.

Stesha and Feminine Magic and Magnetism have shown me how to shed my victim mentality that’s held me in the same pattern for years! I have gotten freedom, confidence and I also know there is so much more for me.

Through Stesha’s guidance, love and her magical coaching I’ve learned how to get out of my head and feel into my body. I’ve shifted thoughts and behaviors that were doing me disservice and replaced them with new energy. 

And the women and sisterhood inside the container and chat have been nothing short of amazing. I find myself truly rooting for all of them. Not like the fake rah rah sisterhood but truly desiring for their deepest desires to manifest and I know when they all receive their babies I will be there in celebration with them all - just like they will be when mine arrives. We do get to have it all and life does get to be this magical.

I cannot say enough about this program and Stesha. Run don’t walk to sign up for Feminine Magic and Magnetism. And for the women on the fence, I see you and I want you to know I was there. I was such a skeptic at the beginning of this process. I thought things like “nobody feels like I do, or yeah but it’s not the same for them, or if I just try this one more other thing that will work”.

But you know what, there will always be a reason not to fight for yourself, a reason not to jump, not to believe until there is not. Get off the same pattern you’ve been living and make a commitment to give yourself the life you dream of, it truly does get to be that easy โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ


Feminine Magic and Magnetism is a GAME CHANGER!!

The way that Stesha coaches is so empowering! She teaches you how to shed layer after layer in order to become the woman you have always desired to be.

I have had so many AH-HA moments during this course, but the one that stands out the most is when Stesha talks about setting standards for your life. I mean…forget boundaries…this girl now has STANDARDS and she doesn’t settle for anything less.

This has helped me move on to new fertility clinics and doctors, have better conversations in my marriage, actually ask my husband for help instead of doing it all myself, have tough conversations with friends, recognize that everything in life is actually happening FOR me (and allowing myself to lean into the fear), recognize the types of friendships and relationships that I want in my life, find true peace in the waiting game, spark confidence and creativity to finally get me moving in my business again, and speak my truth with compassion versus blurting everything out and feeling uncomfortable in the process (if you know…you know).

Whether it’s fertility, your partnership, friendships, your career, or your business Feminine Magic and Magnetism will help you get unstuck, heal, and move towards becoming the highest most magnetic version on yourself.

Thank you, Stesha, for being a fabulous coach! I am so grateful for you!

Here's the thing...


 The fact that your body is literally being pulled towards this container is your SIGN that you're meant for the awakening.
Awakening into your body, your intuition, your power, your compassion, your womb, and your abundant life force energy (ie, how you make babies)
This awakening means you're unavailable for over-thinking, over-stressing, over-compensating.
You're completely unavailable for what people think, for following the rules, for being compliant to the old way of doing things.
This awakening means you're paving your OWN path. Your own path to baby, to motherhood, to wealth, to connection, to living your life.
This awakening means you put your OWN damn crown on.
No more waiting for permission. No more waiting for approval. No more waiting, period.
This container is meant for the woman who is tired of not having what she knows she's meant for.
The ease. The flow. The magnetism. The power. The abundance. The FERTILITY.
It's the difference between you hustling for scraps versus allowing the Universe to deliver all that you desire.


This is why we call it feminine MAGIC. It's an inside game.

Yes there's healing. But more importantly there's the juicy energetic upgrades.


NEW codes of integrated masculine and feminine.



What we’ll be diving deep on 

NEW codes of Wealth, Magnetism & Abundance

Feminine Healing & Receiving

Masculine Dearmoring

Motherwound Healing

Past Life Trauma Release & Wisdom Integration

5D Activations for Speed & Ease

Deep Womb Healing

Living in Accordance to your Natural Cycle

Emotional Capacity Expansion & Power

Energetic Alignment to Future Self

Higher Self Quantum Activation

Generational Sexual Trauma Healing & Pleasure Activation

Fertility Activation & Radical Egg Healing

Quantum Leaping & Collapsing Time

Energy Protection & Sacred Boundaries

And More...


All you need do is sit back and RECEIVE. This is not a doing container. This is a being container which is why the results are unlike anything you've experienced before.

An overview of what you’ll receive

๐ŸŒน5 months inside the mastermind 


๐ŸŒนToolbox of 30+ potent activations, meditation, visualizations, daily & monthly practices to alchemize energy  


๐ŸŒน3 x LIVE Monthly Group Feminine Activations, Womb Healings and Trauma Release Sessions, & feminine embodiment codes with Stesha 


๐ŸŒนTelegram group messenger chat to hold the vibration throughout the container and for direct support from Stesha.
๐ŸŒนA surprise gift!

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