Self-Led Course

A 30 day high-speed, high-frequency, daily transmissions + journal activations to radically shift from stagnation to VELOCITY inside your fertility journey.

This self-led program is insanely effective, because who we BECOME on this journey is what collapses time and quantum leaps our desires into our physical reality. You will have the CONSISTENCY, INSPIRATION, and ACTIVATION to think, believe, and take action like a woman who succeeds on this journey! This is true EMBODIMENT.

Here's what you get:

+ 30 x 15-20 min DAILY on demand audio lessons + journal activations

+ Each daily lesson contains a journal prompt + aligned action to activate and embody the energetics of fertility

+ Lifetime access to the course portal

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Clear the conditioning blocking your innate ability to tap into your receiving energy with ease.

For women at all stages in their fertility journey who are ready to align deeper into the receiving mode of feminine energy and create more ease, flow & velocity within their fertility journey, NOW.

What you'll tap into:

+ Move from the pushy, forceful masculine energy and tap into feminine creative energy to receive your desires from a place of ease

+ How to energetically lean back & allow while staying deeply committed to getting & staying pregnant, FAST

+ How to tap into your feminine to receive powerfully instead of controlling & chasing

+ Transcend the limitation of negative 'what if's...' that are blocking you from stepping fully into unwavering belief

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 Live Mini-Course

It's time to dismantle the programming keeping you out of your power so you can tap into who you were truly meant to be in the VOID - confident, unyielding, certain and attuned to the inevitability of your success.

For the woman ready to move with steady power & unyielding belief through the VOID. To blast through any mental, emotional, energetic limitation that come up when it doesn't seem like it's working. To experience the effortless free fall into a healthy pregnancy without the fear of messing up, miscarrying or facing the trauma of disappointment. To ultimately harness the natural state of power and magnetism that is available through every aspect of life.

Here's what you get:

+ 3 day Training + Q/A covering the energetics, strategy & embodiment of power in the VOID

+ Lifetime access to the course portal


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Self-Led Course

Turn on your magnetic feminine receptivity to attract + manifest your next level health, wealth & desires.

Get my exact energetic codes of magnetism and the exact 'how' behind manifestation process that has allowed to me achieve radiant health, wealth & happiness as a wife, mother and multiple 6 fig business owner with absolute feminine ease & flow.

Here's what you get:

+ 6 Trainings + Recorded Q/A's

+ Lifetime access to content portal


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My online, self-paced courses are the perfect opportunity for you to dive deep into fertility journey & ignite momentum on your own time, at your own pace. VIBES.

Whether you are brand new to energetics & feminine energy work or you are looking to take your level of embodiment to the next level, my high-level, high-power self-study courses will remove blocks and activate you into your feminine, fertile power like never before.

Some of my courses are recordings of live events, and some are live experiences planned for the next couple months! No matter what you choose, you get the added benefit of the undeniably exciting energy of the sisterhood group + support.